One needn't really always attempt to conquer mighty summits in order to enjoy the mountains. The pastures and Alpine huts in the Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley are beautiful and worthwhile destinations for adventurous hikes. Alpine hikes are also particularly suitable for families with children: There is always plenty to explore, animals and flowers to be seen, and a tasty alpine snack is always welcome. We can also highly recommend the new Ratschings / Racines Alm Trail that will take you across seven Alpine meadows in the framework of a comfortable day tour.


The Alpine huts in the vicinity of Ridnaun / Ridanna are more than just rest-stops in the middle of lengthy mountain tours. All in all, there are around 25 hosted alpine huts and five shelters near Ridnaun / Ridanna: the Grohmann Hut, the Teplitz Hut, the Posch House (or Moarerbergalm), the Becher House (South Tyrol's highest mountain refuge), and the Mueller Hut, which is situated in the middle of the glacier.


  • Agelsbodenalm 1717 m June-October
  • Aglsalm 2004 m June-September
  • Äußere Wurzeralm 1822 m year round
  • Freundalm 1720 m year round
  • Innere Wurzeralm 1905 m June-September
  • Joggilealm 1987 m June-September
  • Kuhalm 1897 m Jnue-September
  • Martalm 1735 m June-September
  • Obere Gewingesalm 2050 m June-September
  • Ochsenalm 1907 m June-October
  • Prischeralm 2160 m June-September
  • Stadlalm 1630 m June-October
  • Staudenbergalm 2100 m June-September
  • Valtiglalm 1741 m June-September
  • Becherhaus 3196 m June-September
  • Grohmannhütte 2254 m June-September
  • Moarerbergalm 2113 m June-September
  • Müllerhütte 3145 m June-September
  • Teplitzer Hütte 2586 m June-September