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Culinary Delights

Delicious and healthy nutrition are just as much a part of the concept of “Wellness”

Typical South Tyrolean cuisine, Italian and Mediterranean dishes, delicacies from around the world, and of course vegetarian meals. We also ensure that there’s always the proper balance of light and hearty dishes, and we make sure that the menu is always varied and multi-facetted.
Delicious food and good wine...
You're sure to be pleased!
Plunhof’s culinary offer
  • Light and easy – that’s the way to start the morning. Our delicious breakfast buffet will fortify you for a day of exciting vacationing.
  • Our menu of exquisite dishes incorporates South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine and is varied and diverse.
  • Even if it’s only a short stop for lunch, we’ll be delighted to serve you at our restaurant.
  • A variety of culinary “experiments” to explore the best of our dessert buffet or fish buffet.
South Tyrol on your plate
In preparing our tasty dishes, agricultural products which are typical of our region as well as high-quality international ingredients are given preference. In other words: Fast food and mishmashes of indefinable flavours have no chance with us! See – and taste – for yourself the difference!
South Tyrol is also the land of grapes
Of course, we offer our guests a superb range of South Tyrolean, Italian, and international wines. The precious and delicate wines are carefully stored in our cellar where darkness, a constant cool temperature, and the proper humidity ensure that the wines can mature in an optimal fashion. This allows the fine wines to then fully unfold their bouquet in your glass: So, sit back and enjoy!

The Bacchus cellar
For wine connoisseurs
Allow yourself the luxury of that extra touch of comfort and happiness that will make your vacation something really special!
Bacchus cellar – for cosy get-togethers
A guided tour of the Bacchus cellar, with its natural stone vaulted ceiling, lets you taste fine wines from South Tyrol and indulge in a little philosophising.
Cooking classes at Hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol
For those who like to cook and want to discover new things, cooking classes with Chef Egon and Peter are conducted several times a year. There are appropriate to the season and reflect the gourmet specialty weeks and culinary events.
Our wine cellar
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