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Summer holidays in Val Ridanna South Tyrol

Sporty and active in the beautiful nature of South Tyrol

It is a well-known fact that close contact with Nature is good for the body, the mind and the spirit. The rich green Val Ridanna valley is surrounded by densely wooded slopes which lead up to the lush pastures and majestic peaks of the Alps. Here there are so many ways to spend your leisure time immersed in Nature.

Excursionism is the activity preferred by most visitors to this area which, nestling between the western Breonie Alps and Val Sarentino, offers a wide range of trails, from simple walks and medium to high-difficulty treks to extremely complex excursions. When you reach the Alpine huts and refuges, you will be treated to a variety of delicious dishes.
South Tyrol moves... you & your body!
This is where you will experience pleasant hours and moments of fulfilment!
Hiking holiday in Ridnaun
But for those who are quite happy without necessarily hiking up to the higher peaks, we would recommend the 'Racines malghe' track or the path which runs through the gorge of the Stanghe waterfall or the Burkhard valley. Visitors who are unable or unwilling to exert themselves too much can use the Racines-Giovo cable-car. During the "Festa delle Malghe" and the “Racines Music Festival”, visitors can combine the pleasure of walking with their love of music and conviviality.

hiking holiday
An Eldorado for mountain bikers
Mountain bike enthusiasts will discover fantastic trails presenting every level of difficulty and open from the Spring until late Autumn. From the many paths beaten by soldiers and miners, bikers can admire a series of breathtaking panoramas.

MTB holidays
Fishing with Erwin
A completely different way of living in contact with Nature is, of course, fishing. The mountain lakes, streams and pools to be found in this area teem with more than 30 species of fish. Each angling enthusiast can seek out his preferred position. Erwin Volgger will be delighted to show you the best spots from which to fish or can accompany you during an excursion where you can observe the local fauna.

Fishing in Ridnaun & environs
The desire to fly…
… can be satisfied if you care to try paragliding. Val Ridanna offers the best possible conditions for a Hike and Fly excursion. And those who have never experienced the heady feeling of paragliding can take a two-person flight in the company of a professional paragliding expert.
One day at Plunhof is just not enough!
Take the time to experience it in all its facets.
Acqua Minera
Source of wellbeing
Our Acqua Minera is a source of wellbeing with a 20-metre pool and an indoor relaxation pool, an outdoor pool, natural swimming pond, and an outdoor whirlpool saltwater lake. The Acqua Minera is rounded off by all kinds of relaxation zones, a panorama yoga & meditation room, and a fitness room with a view.
Boredom? Not at Plunhof!

A holiday in the Val Ridanna Valley offers you a new adventure everyday!

A holiday in the Val Ridanna Valley offers you a new adventure everyday!
The Ridnaun High Trail
The Becherhaus
The 7 Lakes Hike
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