The Ridnaun High Trail:
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The Ridnaun Valley, which runs into the Wipp Valley a bit south of Sterzing, is an 18-kilometre-long side valley of the Eisack Valley. In the south, the sun-drenched Ridnaun Valley, where, by the way, the highest mining area in Europe is located, is bordered by the mountain massif of the Jaufen, while in the north it borders on the Stubai Alps. So, it is hardly surprising that Ridnaun awaits with numerous high-alpine tours: one of them is the Ridnaun High Trail, which is very popular with locals and guests.
What makes the Ridnaun High Trail so special?
In the warm season, we are drawn to the mountains to escape the heat in the valley. High-alpine tours on numerous 3,000-metre peaks, high-altitude hiking trails with great views and a spectacular glacier world are just the thing. Welcome to the Ridnaun Valley - welcome to the sunny side of Ridnaun, from where we start a long and panoramic mountain tour: on the Ridnaun High Trail.
Thanks to the high alpine terrain in the Eisack Valley and the diverse flora, the hike is very varied. Moreover, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the three-thousand-metre peaks and the glaciers of the Stubai Alps from the Ridnaun High Trail. Worth mentioning summits are above all the Zuckerhütl, the Wilder Freiger and the Sonnklarspitze.
Suitable for ...

Who is the Ridnaun High Trail suitable for?

The hike from the Rosskopf mountain near Sterzing via the Seebersee lake to Maiern is a demanding tour at an altitude of 1900-2300 metres above the Ridnaun Valley, which is only recommended in good weather. The high-altitude hike is strenuous and demanding of fitness - and in some places it requires surefootedness, which is why it is reserved for experienced hikers only. However, there is no special equipment required.
Difficulty level

How demanding is this hike near Ridnaun?

The 12.4 kilometre long Ridnaun High Trail near Sterzing is a demanding hike that requires a lot of fitness and stamina. The tour is generally considered difficult and can usually be completed in around 5 hours. A previous mountain experience is absolutely necessary!
Tour description

The Ridnaun High Trail

The hike starts in the town of Sterzing. We comfortably take the cable car, from which we already have a breathtaking panoramic view, to the mountain station of the Rosskopf cable car (summer opening times: mid-June to mid-September) at 1,850 m. Then follow the wide trail no. 23 south-westwards, slightly ascending, around the ridge protruding to the south, above the farmed mountain hut Kuhalm to the hut Ochsenalm (total walking time so far 45 minutes).

Here the first signpost points us to the Ridnaun High Trail (trail no. 23 B). The high trail now leads us under the Telfer Weissen along to the mountain hut Seeberalm (open at weekends) with the Seebersee lake (2110 m), which is beautifully nestled in the landscape. Passing under the southern slopes of the Wetterspitze peak, where there are a few small but very steep ditches and streams to cross, we reach the rustic hut Prischeralm (2160 m). Here, an impressive view of the ice scenery of the Übeltalferner on the opposite side awaits us.

The descent is on trail no. 27, partly steep, down to the hamlet of Gesennen in Maiern. From there you can return to the starting point by car or public bus.
Data and facts
about the Ridnaun High Trail
Difficulty: medium
Total trail length: 12,5 km
Hiking time: 4:40 h
Ascent: 660 hm
Descent: 1,140 hm
Highest point: 2,328 hm
Lowest point: 1,369 hm

For those who would like to do this 5-hour hike along the Ridnaun High Trail, the 4*S Wellnesshotel Plunhof in Ridnaun is the ideal starting point. The tour starts at the Rosskopf cable car in the nearby town of Sterzing, which can be reached in about 20 minutes by car or bus. So, you don't have a long journey to reach this breathtaking high-altitude trail.

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If you are still in the mood (and interested) at the end of the hike, you can visit the South Tyrol Museum of Mining in Maiern and learn all about the centuries-old miners' tradition. Then it's back to Plunhof, to the 4,000 m² SPA & Acqua Minera - wellness above and below ground!
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