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Family adventures

The Plunhof is a vacation paradise for families with children. Here, we mean to ensure that both kids and their parents can spend a restful and relaxing holiday, so we've come up with a few great ideas!
The Plunhof – family-plus-package sweeten the time together.
We’ll take care of your wishes
At the Plunhof, cots with protective gates in the rooms and highchairs in the restaurant can be taken for granted. In addition, we provide our own children's bathrobes. And at dinner, the children can request a dish from the children's menu.
Mini Minera - a mine for the kids
Inside our hotel, there is the a children's playroom and the "Mini Minera" where your youngsters can engage in fun and games without interruption – it's a great place to spend time and make new friends.
The Enchanted Forest is a very special attraction
Our special attraction is the Enchanted Forest. In the Enchanted Forest, there is a lot to discover and experience! Wooden figures in the middle of the pine woods stimulate the imagination, while climbing frames, slides and swings are fun and offer lots of opportunity to act out their fantasies. And there's plenty of space for exciting games. Children can romp in the fresh air to their heart's content, engage in gymnastics and balance, and the ample exercise in the great outdoors will do them a world of good.
Liftyland, where the dwarves ski
In the winter, the kids can make use of the Liftyland lift. This makes skiing a breeze, and the first few attempts are sure to be fun! Also, an instructor can be booked at any time directly at the lift.
Boredom? Not at Plunhof!

A holiday in the Val Ridanna Valley offers you a new adventure everyday!

One day at Plunhof is just not enough!
Take the time to experience it in all its facets.
Wellness above and below ground
In the SPA Minera, you can immerse yourself in the world of mining and experience the interaction between light and darkness, between air, water, and earth. The SPA Minera has received prestigious spa awards.
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, Ratschings – South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
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