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Walking and Hiking

Whether for strolling or peak-bagging, there are numerous routes where you can appreciate nature

Ratschings / Racines with its three valleys – the Jaufen / Giovo Valley, the Ratschings / Racines and Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley – is a unique and varied hiking paradise. This region extends from the Stubai Alps with their mighty three-thousand-meter-high summits along the main Alpine ridge up to the gentle peaks of the Sarn / Sarentino Valley Alps, offering virtually endless possibilities for hiking and mountain climbing.

Hiking is healthy

Hiking and mountain climbing are among the healthiest sports. Physical exertion in the great outdoors and the fresh mountain air are a benefit for mind and body. Walking strengthens the muscles in a gentle and uniform manner, easing tensions and reducing back problems. Regular walking strengthens the joints, making them more resilient over time.
The extremely pollution-free, clear mountain air in turn stimulates your respiration and circulation. The lower oxygen content in the mountain air leads to an increased production of red blood cells which increases one's fitness and promotes faster recovery. One suddenly has a lot more energy, has significantly more stamina, and feels in the truest sense of the word "refreshed." The high altitude air thus acts almost like a Fountain of Youth, and it's not for nothing that top athletes regularly and systematically attend altitude training camps.
At the summit, perspectives change. And the view also changes while walking. Try it out!
Tours for every condition level and preference
You can choose from tours of all levels and with different vertical profiles. There are also romantic valley hikes, or perhaps you'd prefer to explore the natural monuments such as the Gilfenklamm (pure white marble gorge). You can take easy alpine walks, invigorating high-altitude hikes, summit tours, and alpine tours into the regions of eternal ice. The trails are well marked and signposted, and many mountain huts and rest-stops provide an opportunity for refreshment and meals.
Becherhaus, the highest refuge in South Tyrol
One of the most rewarding hikes is the tour to the Becher House, the highest refuge in South Tyrol, at an altitude of 3,195 m above sea level. You can reach it from the Ridnaun/Ridanna Valley in about 7 hours, and it offers a magnificent view of the valley and surrounding peaks and glaciers. The Becher House is the starting point for alpine tours to, e.g., the Sonklar Peak (3,467 meters above sea-level), the Wilder Freiger (3,418 m), the Botzer (3,250 m) or to the highest peak of the Stubai Alps, the Zuckerhütl (3,507 m).

Other peaks tempt you to go on mountain adventures
Ratschings/Racines beckons hikers with many more peaks: The High Heel (2,669 m), the High Cross Summit (2,743 m) or the White Horn (2,705 m) are just some of the enticing goals which make the hearts of the mountaineers beat faster. Those who would rather take it more leisurely are advised to try such very scenic hiking trail as the Ridnaun/Ridanna High-Altitude Trail or the ascent to the Pfurn Lake or to the Seven Lakes. And our hotel's own Plunhofalm is likewise a beautiful and very popular destination!

Ridnaun High Trail
7 Lakes Hike
“My favourites: the Seven Lakes Tour starting from the Ridnaun Mining Museum and the hike to the Plunhof Alm followed by a barbecue party!”
Properly equipped with our rentable rucksacks, hiking or Nordic walking poles, you can reach the South Tyrolean mountains directly. With our experienced hiking guide, you will discover the most beautiful places. Come hike with us!
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Refuges all around
  • Agelsbodenalm 1717 m June-October
  • Aglsalm 2004 m June-September
  • Äußere Wurzeralm 1822 m all year round
  • Freundalm 1720 m all year round
  • Innere Wurzeralm 1905 m June-September
  • Joggilealm 1987 m Junr-September
  • Kuhalm 1897 m Junr-September
  • Martalm 1735 m Junr-September
  • Obere Gewingesalm 2050 m Junr-September
  • Ochsenalm 1907 m June-October
  • Prischeralm 2160 m June-September
  • Stadlalm 1630 m June-October
  • Staudenbergalm 2100 m June-September
  • Valtiglalm 1741 m June-September
  • Becherhaus 3196 m June-September
  • Grohmannhütte 2254 m June-September
  • Moarerbergalm 2113 m June-September
  • Müllerhütte 3145 m June-September
  • Teplitzer Hütte 2586 m June-September
The journey is your reward
Finding serenity, lightness, and peace while hiking.
A tip for allergy sufferers
The air in the mountains is extremely low in pollen-and other particulates! Especially for people with a tendency to suffer allergies or asthma, the mountain air also offers an ideal holiday environment where they can breathe freely!
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, Ratschings – South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
The Becherhaus
The Ridnaun High Trail
The 7 Lakes Hike
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