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In addition to our many spa services, sauna, swimming pool and massages, we have set up a fitness room for our guests. Here you can find Life-Fitness equipment where you can exercise specific muscle groups. The treadmill, ergometers, work-out stations, and of course lots of dumbbells and weights are all there for you to use.
Whether fast or slow – relaxed or sporty: exercise is good for you!
Do what makes you feel good
Fitness is a major factor for a fulfilling life and has a significant effect upon your physical and mental wellbeing. Lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease but also poor posture are becoming more and more common due to the prevalent lifestyles lacking in sufficient movement. Regular exercise combined with a healthy and balanced diet can significantly reduce the risk of such diseases. A healthy body is stronger and much more powerful, as well as improving concentration and learning ability in the long run.
Exercise together
Our fitness room is available for your personal training program. Also, we regularly provide supervised training in which our specialists can give useful tips and valuable suggestions for appropriate and dramatic muscle growth. In addition, we of course also have an extensive outdoor exercise program with numerous guided hikes – including snowshoe hikes in the winter. Accordingly, our guests can borrow the necessary equipment, such as walking sticks and backpacks!
For those who want to escape from everyday life!
Take a break at the Plunhof... let your thoughts wander... daydream!
Acqua Minera
Acqua Minera – The water realm
Our Acqua Minera gives you an extra portion of well-being and happiness. Indoor and outdoor, summer and winter. Dive in!
Spa Minera
Back to the origin – at the Plunhof Spa Minera!
Exclusive treatments for balance and harmony
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, Ratschings – South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
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Acqua Minera
Spa Minera
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