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Certification EU Ecolabel - ClimaHotel

Vacationing in the Alps means spending your holidays in a region with a very sensitive ecology. It is therefore doubly important that you enjoy your holiday here with us with a clear conscience.
South Tyrol has always been a pioneer in the field of environmental protection, promoting alternative and renewable energies and sustainable transport concepts. People here still live in close association with nature and know that respect for the environment is paramount.
Also, we here at the Plunhof have dedicated ourselves to the issues of environmental friendliness and sustainability.
We find that the well-being of individuals cannot be divorced from the welfare of the environment. Therefore, we have already established a number of measures for the careful handling of resources – particularly energy and water. We pay attention to the systematic use of alternative and renewable energy sources, wherever possible, in keeping with a strategy of sustainable energy. Thus, our photovoltaic system covers more than one-eighth of our total electricity consumption per year. At the Plunhof, our heating is supplied by a wood chip installation, while our hot water is derived from solar energy. In addition, each room is equipped with a water conservation regulator and is of course furnished with energy saving lamps. The electricity we have to purchase from outside is generated only from renewable energy sources: So it’s ecological, carbon-neutral, and in keeping with the principles of climate protection!
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We are a “Klimahotel Südtirol”
The label “KlimaHotel Südtirol” was established to assure guests that they are spending their holidays in hotels that conserve resources. The “KlimaHaus Südtirol” agency is responsible for awarding this label to sustainably operated hotels and tourist facilities. The agency is a public institution that was founded specifically for the energy certification of buildings. A large number of criteria have to be met to receive the title.
Green, greener, eco-hotel South Tyrol
To give the guests of our eco-hotel in South Tyrol the assurance that their holiday has the least possible impact on the environment, we applied for the “EU Ecolabel”. This quality label, also known as the European Eco-label or Euroflower, is awarded to products and services that have a lower environmental impact than comparable offers. We are an eco-hotel in South Tyrol because we reduce energy and water consumption, avoid waste, prefer renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly materials, and do not use oil with sulphur or coal as an energy source.
Alpine Pearls - Ratschings
Ratschings / Racines is a member of the “Alpine Pearls” association, a collaboration of holiday destinations in the Alps. Alpine Pearls guarantee an environmentally friendly, culturally diverse, and – last but not least – climate-friendly holiday experience. The focus is on Sustainable Mobility: For a change, you can enjoy your vacation (almost) without a car, rely more on public transportation, the bicycle, or our hiking shuttle.
For explorers and adventurers
Ridnaun has an impressive mining tradition. Explore it up close with us at the Plunhof and in the mine.
House of generations
The Volgger family – a real family bond!
All nine – for you! Mum Paula and her eight children are what make the Plunhof a true family-run hotel. A few grandchildren and a dedicated team help give you an unforgettable holiday.
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun Ratschings South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
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