Home of generations
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Hotel Plunhof – Home of generations

Welcome to our big family


Let the unique and beautiful setting of our hotel in the sunny Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley work its magic on you! Surrounded by unspoilt meadows and woods and the beautiful panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-meter-high summits, lean back and enjoy the incomparable peace and quiet.

A lot of hard work, perseverance, patience, and the efforts of the entire extended Volgger family went into making this simple farm a true holiday paradise. Where else can you encounter in each area of the hotel a member of the family and even feel like a part of this affectionate tribe? Even our suites are named after members of the family and are thus filled with the spirit of the Volgger Family. Let us really pamper you in the Acqua Minera of one of the leading spa hotel, enjoy pure mental and emotional relaxation, and let us help you enhance your body's health, beauty and vitality. Our hotel in South Tyrol not only sets new standards in the spa, health, and beauty area – it also offers culinary highlights.

With us, you immediately have the feeling of being home. You can leave your day-to-day worries at the reception – we'll do the rest! We'll pamper you, so you can enjoy the many moments of happiness that we have already prepared for you without a care in the world. The warm and tireless dedication to the satisfaction of our guests have made the Plunhof one of the best holiday addresses in South Tyrol, with now more than thirty years of tradition. For couples, groups of friends, or families – Whatever the season, Plunhof is the ideal place to spend your holiday in Ridnaun/Ridanna – Ratschings/Racines!
Home of generations – a journey through time from the beginning to today.
History takes its course...
Leopold is born in 1941. His father works in the mine, he himself learns the trade of a bricklayer, and after military service, he founds his own small construction company. Paula is born in 1948. Her father works in the mine, and later on, so do her brothers. Already at a young age, Paula works on farms and in inns.
In love. Engaged. Married.
In 1965, Leopold and Paula meet and fall in love while out dancing. One year later, their daughter Petra is born. In 1967, they celebrate their wedding and the family moves to the Plunhof, which belongs to Leopold’s uncle. The old Plunhof is without running water and has an outhouse on the balcony. Egon is born in 1968, Gabi in 1969, and Erna in 1972. The Plunvilla below the old Plunhof becomes their new home.
The old Plunhof
Erwin is the fifth child born into the family in 1973. In the same year, Leopold and Paula buy the old Plunhof at auction: Leopold’s uncle left behind debts upon his death, so the farm is auctioned off. In 1974, three rooms are renovated in the Plunvilla and from then on, they are rented out to guests. By 1975, Leopold and Paula have three daughters and three sons with Günter.
The beginning of the Hotel Plunhof
In 1976, after the death of his father, Leopold demolishes the old Plunhof and begins to build a hotel. In 1977, Peter is born; in 1979, Thomas is the last child born, completing the happy family. On 1 December 1979, the first guests are welcomed at the Hotel Plunhof.
The hotel is continuously expanded and updated
New rooms, a swimming pool, a nine-pin bowling alley, a sauna area – the Volgger family continually invest. In 2000, a chapel is built at the entrance to the Hotel Plunhof in a six-month construction period and placed under the protection of St. Leopold.
2002 a fateful year
2001-2002 is a big year: New suites and an underground car park are built, the bar, dining room, and reception are completely renewed, and the kitchen is rebuilt. During construction, father Leopold passes away unexpectedly. Paula and her eight children complete construction and continue to improve the hotel.
The Tötschhof farm, a matter dear to the heart
In 2007, the Tötschhof farm is bought. With the purchase and maintenance of the farm, the Plunhof family has made a significant contribution to ensuring that a piece of old, rural cultural heritage is preserved for the future.
SPA Minera
In 2014, the SPA Minera is born. It’s a concept of “wellness above and below ground”, which is unique in Europe and tells the 800-year-old mining history of the Ridnaun valley. The awards TOP 3 in the category “Innovative Spa Concepts” at the Gala SPA Awards 2016 and Best of Italy, as well as 3rd place in the category “Best Destination Spa” at the European Health & Spa Awards 2017, are proof that you can really relax here.
Acqua Minera
In 2018, Acqua Minera is realised. The authentic wellness and water world is not only well received by the guests: The renowned World Luxury Spa Awards 2019 crown our Spa & Acqua Minera as “Best Unique Experience Spa” in the premium category “Global Winner”.
Our new challenge
In 2022 we have the pleasure of acquiring the Engels Park in Sterzing. A small jewel that brings great joy, to guests who have chosen it even for many years, and to us of course. Your realm of bliss in an atmosphere of precious warmth.
Stay tuned for what the future will bring!
The Volgger family is still full of energy and great ideas. Plans for the next modernisation and expansion are already in place ... stay tuned.
The Plunhof is the home of generations – for you and for us.
Also unique is the atmosphere of our hotel, because at the 4-star-superior Plunhof spa hotel near Sterzing/Vipiteno (Eisack/Isarco Valley) in South Tyrol, you will be immediately accepted as an honorary member of our large family: Eight siblings will all pull together to help ensure that your holidays are an unforgettable experience! Over and above them as a calming influence, there's Mother Paula, the spiritus rector (guiding spirit) of the Hotel Plunhof. This wonderfully intimate and friendly atmosphere is certainly unique for such a modern and comfortable 4-star hotel of this magnitude in Ridnaun/Ridanna – Ratschings/Racines!
Get to know us!
One day at the Plunhof is not enough
Allow yourself the luxury of that extra touch of comfort and happiness that will make your vacation something really special!
Spa Minera
Back to the origin – at the Plunhof Spa Minera!
Exclusive treatments for balance and harmony
Acqua Minera
Acqua Minera – The water realm
Our Acqua Minera gives you an extra portion of well-being and happiness. Indoor and outdoor, summer and winter. Dive in!
Home of generations
A family is like a tree.
A family is like a tree. The branches may grow in different directions, but the roots hold everyone together. Only a generation that respects and knows its roots is strong enough to withstand the storms of the present.
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, Ratschings – South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
Recharge your batteries
Plunhof’s culinary delights
We wish you sweet dreams
The latest at Plunhof
Stay up-to-date with us. An inside look at your holiday home, the Plunhof ...
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