Spa Minera

Back to the origin – at the Plunhof wellness hotel Ratschings Ridnaun

Inspired by 800 years of mining tradition in the Ridnaun valley, the SPA Minera of our wellness hotel in Ratschings Ridnaun offers wellness above and below ground – a symbiosis of nature’s most precious resources. Daylight and darkness, life in thriving nature and the powerful innermost part of the mountain, in sweet harmony, accompany you in the SPA Minera of our wellness hotel in Ratschings Ridnaun in an enchanting way into a new SPA era. Discover the award-winning SPA Minera with its five saunas, gallery lake, outdoor whirlpool saltwater lake, mine house with “Knappenkaue” relaxation area, and miner’s meadow.
SPA Minera and Acqua Minera have won international awards for good reason... there's no better place to relax!
A shift in the miners’ sauna
In a pleasing 45 square metres on the ground floor of the mine building block there is a unique setting for enjoying saunas from 80 to 100 °C from where you can enjoy panoramic views from a window whereas people outside the sauna cannot look inside. To cool off, there's a direct path outside to a protected nudist area on the Miners' Meadow. Then rest in the “Knappenkaue” relaxation area one floor above.
Sweat in the miner’s gallery atmosphere
A mystic Gallery Lake enables you to 'dive' into the world of the senses. Gallery Sauna: At 80 to 100°C the body is really warmed in this sauna with a special gallery character to shake off old aches and pains, and the circulation is stimulated whilst you enjoy the view from the panorama window that prevents people from looking in. Sweating couldn't be nicer.
Three gentle sauna experiences
Silver steam boiler: A steam bath that uses the force of unique South Tyrol silver quartzite to become a balancing energy bath. The steam on the hot stone envelops your body. Bio-Ofenkammerl organic sauna: The body, mind and soul are gently heated up to 60°C in a relaxed manner. A 'soft' sauna experience. Feuerlöchl infrared cubicles: In the infrared cubicles you'll be able to recharge your batteries after physical exertion or just find time to relax on really comfortable wooden benches.
Salt Miners’ Changing room and Heavenly Realm
Salt Miners’ Changing room: When you get to the top of the mine building, you find the realm of calm with natural light - a place that provides views but doesn't allow anyone to look in at you and where natural materials harmonise with one another. A heavenly realm where you feel as if you are in seventh heaven on the 'relaxation beds'. Here you can watch the flames in the fire and listen to the gentle sounds of the water slipping down like a cascade.
Whirlpool saltwater lake
The 'sparkling' salt lake in an enchanting garden atmosphere invites us to relax and fill up on light. The material we have chosen is silver quartzite from the Pfitsch valley, which is only found in South Tyrol. This natural stone relaxes, energises, calms, and heals.
Water Realm
A shower temple that nurtures your intimate sphere. Fresh mineral water and natural shower implements turn functional showering into a real experience that makes your body feel great. Cooling natural ice in a stone trough and an impressive cascade for dream-like showering moments.

3 Kneippbecken treatment basins using contrasting water temperatures to bestow lightness and freshness.

Small Realm of Calm: In a private atmosphere with just four places you can relax cosily on our really comfortable recliners and let your gaze take in far horizons.

Drinking Realm: Quench your thirst with the water of cool mountain springs and hot herbal teas ...
Stannary Charter - Rules and tips
The miners' rules and wisdoms that we have summarized at Plunhof - Home of Generations, inform all sauna beginners about what needs to be taken into account when going to the sauna.
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Award-winning and one
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Acqua Minera and SPA Minera are a
4,000 m² oasis of relaxation “above and below ground”.
Acqua Minera
Acqua Minera – The water realm
Our Acqua Minera gives you an extra portion of well-being and happiness. Indoor and outdoor, summer and winter. Dive in!
Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, Ratschings – South Tyrol
Surrounded by meadows and forests and the magnificent panorama of the Stubai Alps with their glaciers and three-thousand-metre peaks, you can enjoy peace and quiet, the finest cuisine, and award-winning wellness at the SPA Minera and the Acqua Minera.
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