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Volggers family chronicle and mining in Ridnaun

History & tradition in the Plunhof Hotel near Sterzing

The Volggers are an ancient line. As far back as the year 1330, a certain “Volker” from Ridnaun / Ridanna is first mentioned in an historical document. This surname is derived from the Old High German given name of “volcger,” which means “spear-bearer.” And the knightly fiddler and player from the famous Nibelungenlied – a story of love, power, and revenge whose main protagonists, Kriemhild and Siegfried, have fascinated countless readers for more than 800 years – also went by that name.

In 1695, a member of the Volgger Family was awarded the right to carry a coat of arms in recognition of his special services. This escutcheon consists of a vertically divided shield in blue and silver; in the blue field to the right, there’s a silver trident overlaid by a golden Rod of Asclepius entwined by two golden asps. In the silver field to the left, there’s a golden harp; above it, there’s a spiked helmet decorated with a black eagle and on both sides blue-silver helmet covers.
Proud tradition of mining

Schneeberg mine in the Ridnaun Valley

The proud tradition of mining in the Ridnaun valley is even older than the Volgger family. The Ridanna Valley can look back on a long and proud tradition of mining. On the Monteneve-Schneeberg mountain, between the Ridanna and Passiria Valleys, a large ore deposit runs through the mountains at an altitude of 2000 to 2500 metres above sea level. Here was one of the highest mines in Europe, where for centuries silver, lead and zinc were mined. The first written record comes from the year 1237.

Maiern, 1890
In 1870, the mining of zinc blende, which makes up the main part of the ore deposit, began, but could hardly be utilised before then. Schneeberg became the first mine in Tyrol and one of the most important in Europe. At the end of the valley, in Maiern, a miners’ settlement, workshops, and a large ore processing plant were built where the zinc was separated from the slag. The facility, which was converted to the flotation process in the 1920s, is still fully functional and can be visited. However, the European mining crisis eventually reached the Ridnaun valley, and in 1985, the mine was closed down, although the facility is still fully operational. The closure brought an end to the era of mining in Ridnaun, which had lasted 800 years.

What brought wealth and power to world and religious leaders meant hard work for the miners. Their living and working conditions were extremely harsh and, especially in winter, their job was very dangerous. Perhaps for this very reason, the miners’ traditions and pride are still deeply rooted in the culture of the Ridnaun valley.
We are pleased to carry on the mining tradition in the SPA Minera.
“I still remember the old mining days!”
Paula Volgger the head of our hotel near Sterzing and mother of eight children, all of whom are involved in its running, remembers when her grandfather, her father and her brothers were working on the Monteneve-Schneeberg. It is also thanks to her that the memory of the mining tradition is kept alive at the Hotel Plunhof. From this deep emotional solidarity with the mining tradition we have developed and realised a new wellness concept in the “Spa Minera”.
A real family bond!
Water is the principle of things. All things are from water and all things are resolved into water.
Our Acqua Minera is a source of well-being with a 20-metre pool and an indoor relaxation pool, as well as an outdoor pool and a natural swimming pond. The Acqua Minera is crowned by a large garden, various relaxation areas, a panoramic yoga & meditation room, and a fitness room with a beautiful view.

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In the SPA Minera, you can immerse yourself in the world of mining.
In the SPA Minera, you experience the interaction between light and darkness, between air, water, and earth. The theme is “wellness above and below ground”. During construction, materials from the surrounding area were specifically used, which makes the connection with the location and the mining tradition even more apparent. The SPA Minera has received prestigious spa awards.

Discover our SPA Minera
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