The region boasts numerous natural and cultural monuments that repay a visit. The mining museum of Ridanna-Monteneve-Schneeberg recalls the mining tradition that boomed here particularly in and after the Middle Ages. The splendid rooms of Wolfsthurn Castle are also home to the provincial museum for hunting and fishing. Somewhat further afield, the legendary Ötzi, the “man from the ice”, can be seen in the archaeology museum in Bolzano. A day trip to Bressanone offers the chance to visit the monastery of Novacella, one of the region’s best-known destinations. Visitors to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano can stroll between flowers, trees and shrubs from all over the world: the many flowering plants make a visit in the warm season a special pleasure.
Nature lovers can also undertake fine walks to the Gilfenklamm or Burkhardklamm waterfalls.


A large part of the cultural monuments consist of sacred buildings, such as the rococo parish church of St. Joseph in Ridanna, the chapel of St. Lawrence at Maiern, the miners’ chapel of St. Magdalena in Gasse or the chapel of St. Leopold, the house chapel of the Plunhof Hotel.
Visitors to the Ridanna Valley will see numerous attractive chapels, wayside shrines, historic grain stores, etc. along the roads and trails that all merit a closer look.