Six toboggan runs, including Italy’s longest (10 km!)

Sledging & tobogganing Ridanna South Tyrol

Tobogganing is one of the oldest and most-authentic forms of winter fun there is. In the beginning, of course, the sleds were used first and foremost as a means of transport, e.g. to haul wood or hay into the valley. This was a hard job: Not only did the sled have to be lugged up the mountain – the descent with the heavily-laden toboggan was a very dangerous affair. It required great skill and considerable experience in order to control the slide and arrive safely in the valley.

Our tobogganing tips in Ridnaun & Ratschings

Stadlalm Toboggan Run
(length: 1.5 km)
From the parking lot at the Mining Museum at the end of the Maiern / Masseria Valley, you can enjoy a cozy and romantic hike of about 60 minutes to Stadlalm. In the rustic hut, you can refresh yourself with a hearty snack before continuing downhill at a faster pace. The track offers spectacular views of the former mine and the surrounding Alpine peaks.

Ratschings / Racines Toboggan Run
(length: 5 Kilometer)
With the new 8-person aerial gondola in Ratschings / Racines – Jaufen / Valgiovo, you have easy access to the start of the toboggan run. You can begin your ride down into the valley directly at the mountain station.

Atscherwiesen Toboggan Run
(length: 1.9 km)
From the village of Telfes/Telves in Ridnaun/Ridanna Valley, it takes about 1 ½ hours to reach the Freundalm. This sunny Alpine refuge is hosted the year around, and is the perfect place to stop for a short rest and some refreshment before resuming your ride into the valley. This toboggan run is illuminated at night

Waldeben Toboggan Run
(length: 1.4 km)
The Waldeben toboggan run is located in the beautiful and peaceful Jaufen/Giovo Valley. After a walk of about an hour, the tobogganing fun can begin. This toboggan run, too, is illuminated at night!

Prantner Alm Toboggan Run
(length: 3.4 km)
This is an absolutely family-friendly toboggan run located in Sterzing/Vipiteno. From the Alm, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Wipp / Vipiteno Valley. You can then toboggan down the broad military road. Fun is guaranteed!

Rosskopf/Monte Cavallo Toboggan Run
(length: 10 km!)
Italy's longest toboggan run can be found at the Rosskopf/Monte Cavallo! This legendary 10-km-long run starts from the mountain station with its circulating aerial lift and winds its way down to Sterzing / Vipiteno: Brace yourself for a maximum of tobogganing fun! Snow is applied to the toboggan run as necessary, and it continues operation up till the spring. This toboggan run is now also illuminated at night.
The Plunhof is home of generations, for the hosts themselves and for the guests. Tobogganing is ideal for having fun together.
Have a blast tobogganing together
Today, of course, the fun is the main thing. A fun toboggan ride should be a part of every winter holiday. In Ridnaun / Ridanna, there are plenty of opportunities. You can choose from several toboggan runs of varying length and level of difficulty.

P.S. You can rent a toboggan either at our hotel or directly at the courses.
Cold outside & hot inside
These contrasts make the time out at Plunhof perfect!
Wellness above and below ground
In the SPA Minera, you can immerse yourself in the world of mining and experience the interaction between light and darkness, between air, water, and earth. The SPA Minera has received prestigious spa awards.
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Come to Ratschings / Racines and Ridnaun / Ridanna and discover a true cross-country paradise where you can enjoy our beautiful mountain scenery and their wintertime splendour up close with culinary delights and excellent wellbeing in the SPA Minera and in the Acqua Minera!
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