The Three Valleys community of Ratschings / Racines is located only a few kilometers south of the Brenner / Brennero Pass.
The municipal area extends from about 950 m above sea level to over 3,400 m, and includes the Ratschings / Racines Valley, Jaufen / Valgiovo Valley, and the Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley. In terms of surface area, Ratschings / Racines is one of the largest municipalities of South Tyrol.


Ratschings / Racines is a place of enchanting natural beauty. The Stubai Alps with their majestic peaks (many three thousand meters tall or more) and the Sarn / Sarentino Valley in the Southern Alps form a magnificent panorama. Lush meadows and verdant forests are a feast for the eyes and soul. The fresh mountain air stimulates and invigorates the body. The mild, Mediterranean climate is already quite noticeable here on the sunny side of the Alps. In this unspoilt Alpine landscape, you will find peace, relaxation, and energy for everyday life.

Ratschings / Racines is an ideal holiday destination, regardless of the season. Hiking, cycling, mountainbiking, Nordic Walking, fitness, horseback riding, tennis, adventure sport... The range of leisure activities is nearly endless! Furthermore, unique natural jewels like the Gilfenklamm or the Burkhardklamm are here waiting to be explored. In winter, the ski resort area of Ratschings / Racines – Jaufen / Valgiovo has an iron-clad snow guarantee – as well as all the modern comforts you expect for endless fun on the slopes. The Ridnaun / Ridanna cross-country and biathlon center is a paradise for fans of the Nordic winter sports. Ski touring, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are also part of the wide range of winter activities you can indulge in here.

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Ratschings / Racines is also rich in culture. In a region originally settled by the Celts and the Romans, you can encounter historical sites and important cultural and historical buildings at every turn. Among the prominent attractions include the miners' chapel of St. Mary Magdalene built 1480 and the ruins of Reifenegg near the Gilfenklamm. The Wolfsthurn Castle is likewise worth a visit. Next to the show rooms with lavish original furnishings, this baroque palace from the 18th Century – the only of its kind in South Tyrol – is home to the South Tyrol Museum of Hunting and Fishing. Then there's the Eisack / Isarco Valley and the medieval town of Sterzing / Vipiteno (home to the famous Fugger Family), numerous castles, such as Sprechenstein or Reifenstein in Sterzing / Vipiteno, and finally the Bishop's city of Brixen / Bressanone and the famous Neustift / Novacella Monastery.
One special attraction in Ratschings / Racines is the Schneeberg / Monteneve World of Mining. Ratschings / Racines and its valleys were shaped over centuries by mining. Mining activities at the Schneeberg / Monteneve – one of the highest and largest mines in Europe – continued up till the 1980s. In particular zinc was mined here. Today the Schneeberg / Monteneve World of Mining recalls the long history of mining in Ratschings / Racines. The Schneeberg / Monteneve World of Mining is much more than just an ordinary museum – it's a unique experience. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday life of the miners and the fascinating underground world with its almost 150-km-long maze of shafts and tunnels.

By the way: Ratschings / Racines has fully committed itself to the principles of eco-tourism: With its "gentle" and environmentally-friendly transport concept, it is part of the "Alpine Pearls," a cooperation of alpine communities advocating environmentally friendly tourism. Shuttle buses and other alternative mobility options make it practically superfluous to take your car on holiday. Take advantage of "gentle mobility" and enjoy your holidays in Ratschings / Racines, without harming the environment – carefree and with a clear conscience!