Yoga began to conquer the world a long time ago. This discipline, that has been practised in India for thousands of years, is now extremely popular also in the western hemisphere. That's not surprising, as the hectic and challenging times we live in create an inner need for peace and balance in many people. Nowadays, the positive effect of yoga on the body and soul is undisputed. It is a recognised method for healing sleep problems, nervous disorders, chronic headaches and backache, but also helps in cases of stress and burnout.
The most widely known type is Hatha yoga, which uses gentle and vigorous techniques, body perception exercises and complex body poses, as well as breathing and concentration exercises. There is not just one, however, but a great number of variations, from sport to meditative and spiritual. Yoga is also a living method that is subject to constant developments and changes and can be adjusted to individual needs. All styles and types of yoga have the same objective, however, namely to reach a state of spiritual peace and clarity, physical strength and inner balance. It is less a matter of maintaining a permanent state of balance but more of permanently searching for balance. Life holds many obstacles and unexpected changes in store that we cannot influence, but which disturb our balance. This means that we have to constantly search for balance.
In the Panorama-Active room at Plunhof, we have created the perfect place for finding that inner balance. The glass façade overlooks the breathtaking mountain scenery and the surrounding nature, which convey a feel of stability and peace. Here, we also offer guided yoga exercises to harmonise body and soul.