Movement and motivation workshop with Reinfried Herbst and Manfred Pranger 
Motivation means striving again and again for one's goal, it means overcoming internal and external hurdles and believing in oneself. Everyone knows what it feels like when that set target seems totally out of reach. So the feeling is all the more better and lifting when one decides nonetheless to continue and success draws closer. 
When we lose motivation, this is often due to an incorrect workout or a lack of milestones.

Workout with Reini Herbst and Manni Pranger
There is no short of movement at Plunhof in May, however, when ski legends Reinfried Herbst and Manfred Pranger hold a movement and motivation workshop. The former world cup slalom skiers know this high-performance sport with all its greatest and darkest sides. They look back on 25 years of victories and defeats, injuries and tough competition, hard work and success. 
Together, they have developed a movement and motivation concept that both athletes and less athletic people can take part in. There are no additional weights involved and the intensity of movements can be easily varied. The objective is not pure strength training but to feel and train individual small and deep muscles: these decide whether you will have problems or be symptom-free. It also includes coordination training, in which the body and spirit interact. It is important to strengthen the small stabilisers around the joints in order to improve body tension and stability. Muscle groups that get a raw deal in everyday life are trained, in order to relieve tension from (over)strained muscle sections. 
The training effect of their programme is immediately perceivable and thus also brings a positive sense of achievement. In turn, this leads to an increase in motivation. 

An unbeatable duo
Reini and Manni always work in tandem. One demonstrates the exercise while the other works individually with the participants to ensure they do it correctly. Using the proper technique is essential for success, because as soon as muscles that are not included in the exercise are involved, part of the training effect is lost. 

For our guests, we have got together an indulgence and workshop package from 24 to 28 May.
After training for two days with Reini and Manni, there will also be group hike or bike tour. 
An unforgettable experience!

Take advantage of the experience and expert knowledge of the two former sport champions Reini Herbst and Manni Pranger!