Whether you prefer alpine skiing, ski tours, cross-country skiing or walking in the snow, it's all about sport and having a good time. Something that should not be neglected, however, is regenerating afterwards. 
In skiing and other intensive sports, the muscles are put under a lot of strain and contract. After practising sport, stretching, light jogging or a gentle yoga session can help combat stiff muscles or even cramps. A sauna or steam bath can also help the body to truly regenerate. Heat makes the blood vessels dilate with the result that more blood and also more nutrients are pumped into the tissues. A sauna also relaxes the muscles, while tranquillity helps to relax the mind. After winter sports, a light swim is highly recommended as it helps to loosen up the muscles. A classic alternation of hot and cold showers likewise stimulates regeneration as it boosts the metabolism and improves circulation. Massages help to regenerate muscles, although it's advisable to wait at least one hour after a sport session before lying down on the massage bed. 
The golden rule is: The greater the physical exertion, the more regeneration is needed. The best thing is to listen to your body and act accordingly. 
Another important thing is to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and eat a protein-rich, healthy meal immediately after practising sport to ensure optimum metabolism and muscle development. Getting a good night's sleep should not be overlooked. The body recuperates especially well during the deep sleep phase, during which proteins and hormones are formed that stimulate cell renewal. 

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