Minera Spa – 'above' ground and 'below' ground – a symbiosis of everything that is most precious in nature. A spa with regional touches that it uses effectively to make nature and its elements flow from outside to inside and from inside to outside. A place for wellbeing, where people just feel good about themselves.

Minera Spa - Treatment menu
The uniqueness and specialness is found in an innovative and extensively developed variety of holistic treatment combinations in which nature and expertise work hand in hand. The effective and harmonious melding of these inspiring rituals ensures unforgettable feel-good time at Minera Spa.
Daylight and darkness, life in vibrant nature and the powerful heart of the mountain, in a harmonious duet, take you magically at Minera Spa into a new spa era.

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The force of the earth and the might of stone
Ancient stones from the excavation, and other natural stones from a radius of 15 km, have been expertly crafted by master stonemasons steeped in the craft traditions of the Alto Adige region. The Kneipp baths, and the water and ice fountains, too, are in local stone. For the steam bath and the saline pool, local craftsmen used silver quartzite, a stone found only in the Alto Adige region, extracted from Val di Vizze near Vipiteno and transported to our Minera Spa. Our "heavenly kingdom" is adorned by local gneiss, a mineral rock with distinctive silvery reflections.

The Minera Spa – authentic and real