Winter is one of the seasons that is most popular with visitors spending the vacation in Alto Adige and, in particular, in Val Ridanna. The snow-covered mountains and woods in this area offer many unforgettable views. And there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy many winter sports.
Val Ridanna is today recognized internationally as an important centre for cross-country skiing and biathlon competitions. The valley floor is traversed by numerous perfectly-made double-track cross-country pistes. In the area between Racines and Val Ridanna you will find around 65 km of pistes running through stunningly-beautiful landscapes. There are many different pistes to suit every level of skill and physical condition. The modern biathlon stadium is open not only to professional athletes for training, but to all lovers of this sport. Visitors wishing to practice at the shooting range can take part in a test course. The climatic conditions prevailing in the Val Ridanna area assure excellent snow cover. The ski slopes at Racines-Giovo, at 1,800 metres a.s.l., include the Platschjoch cross-country piste, a 16 km circuit of medium- to low difficulty which offers a truly breathtaking panorama.
The many nearby skiing facilities (Racines-Giovo, Monte Cavallo and Ladurno Vipiteno – Val di Fleres) offer pistes with varying levels of difficulty, modern ski lifts, skiing schools and rentals. Freestyle enthusiasts can practise their special skills in the local funparks. There are also many slopes that are ideal for children and beginners. Winter vacation resorts, of course, would not be complete without the traditional ski lodges and après-ski facilities. Many mountain refuges and inns, both near the pistes and in the valley, serve a variety of delicious culinary specialities, as well as musical entertainment, dancing and a relaxed, festive atmosphere.


Very close to the Hotel Plunhof, skiers can use the "Gasse" skilift on a smaller slope where they can practise in total tranquillity.
This area also offers numerous itineraries for alpine skiing, excursions with snowshoes and hikes through the snow. Those who prefer not to venture out alone, or perhaps feel that they have insufficient off-piste experience, can take part in excursions in the company of a guide.
The whole family can have fun with a toboggan. Here, too, there are plenty of opportunities – the ski resort offers numerous tobogganing slopes, some with floodlighting in the evening. And you can use the cable-car to reach the top of the slope.
Winter walks or romantic tours in a horse-drawn carriage are the ideal way to admire the splendid views.
And at the end of a thrilling but perhaps tiring day, you can relax and energise the body in our Minera Spa.
Winter in Val Ridanna is marked by numerous ancient customs and traditions, such as the San Nicolò parade, which is followed by the "Krampus" (devils in costume) during the Christmas period, the "nights of smoke" (Raunächte), when the stables and houses are filled with smoke in order to ward off evil spirits, the star singers around New Year's Eve and the masked processions during the annual Carnival. These are followed in Spring by the various traditional Easter traditions.
These local customs and traditions are lovingly maintained by the local residents and continue to fascinate vacation visitors.

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