The Volggers are an ancient line. As far back as the year 1330, a certain "Volker" from Ridnaun / Ridanna is first mentioned in an historical document.

This surname is derived from the Old High German given name of "volcger," which means "spear-bearer." And the knightly fiddler and player from the famous Nibelungenlied – a story of love, power, and revenge whose main protagonists, Kriemhild and Siegfried, have fascinated countless readers for more than 800 years – also went by that name.


In 1695, a member of the Volgger Family was awarded the right to carry a coat of arms in recognition of his special services. This escutcheon consists of a vertically divided shield in blue and silver; in the blue field to the right, there's a silver trident overlaid by a golden Rod of Asclepius entwined by two golden asps. In the silver field to the left, there's a golden harp; above it, there's a spiked helmet decorated with a black eagle and on both sides blue-silver helmet covers.