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Published: 12/7/2018

Spa reopens with Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions

As we open our new Acqua Minera poolscape and the Spa Minera’s extension, we are delighted to announce a new association with Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions – natural skincare at its best. Dr. Spiller’s exclusive products take a leaf out of nature’s book and don’t shy away from either tradition or innovation for exceptional effectiveness. Origin and regionality are key to this German company: natural essences and pure spring water from the Chiemgau are the foundation for their highly sophisticated products. The Plunhof’s beauticians look forward to offering you expert advice and superb, tailor-made skincare.


Radiance – thanks to Pure SkinCare Solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, we all desire that radiant glow and healthy look. Our skin’s appearance affects how we feel – inside as well as out. Dr. Spiller’s natural skincare products benefits your skin biologically, sustainably and gently to make it look simply fabulous. The secret: a combination of natural ingredients and a delicate HYTEC Emulsion System to produce exceptionally effective natural skincare products. For decades, Dr. Spiller’s focus has been on creating sustainable skin health solutions for every skin type – Pure SkinCare Solutions.


Three natural and high-tech skincare lines for him and her

Spa Minera’s new spa menu offers tailor-made solutions and ground-breaking treatment concepts for skincare you can trust. Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics, Dr. Spiller Biomimetic SkinCare and Manage Your Skin® – the effective skincare programme for men – deliver visible, tangible results. Each product line meets the highest standards in terms of texture, tolerability and effectiveness.
Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics – ALPENRAUSCH

‘The best way to go about developing organic beauty products is to carefully observe how nature does things. Preferably, you should just do that for half a century’. The Volgger family took this idea to heart and modelled their organic skincare line on nature. Dr. Spiller ALPENRAUSCH meets the strict BDIH standards for certified organic cosmetics – and the major requirement for achieving the COSMOS ORGANIC seal of approval. COSMOS ORGANIC demands that at least 95% of agriculturally produced ingredients – mainly of vegetable origin – is sourced from certified organic farms. From cultivation to end product, all processing stages need to respect the character of the raw materials and their active natural substances, leaving them fundamentally unadulterated.


Dr. Spiller Biomimetic SkinCare – CELLTRESOR Line

These products provide skin support at the point where nature reaches its limits. Clever compounds combine the tools of biology with the latest scientific advances for beauty care at its most sophisticated. CELLTRESOR gets to work where the skin lacks reconstructive substances – from epidermis to dermis. This radically restores skin structure, paving the way to preserving and maintaining natural beauty. The products are based on highly concentrated, deep-acting formulas. Each serum contains a high-tech compound with extraordinary anti-ageing effects, activating skin-specific mechanisms on all levels to repair and sustainably restructure skin.


Manage Your Skin®

Modern men seek uncomplicated treatments with powerful effects. Dr. Spiller’s skincare range for men makes use of perfectly attuned products to create a successful skincare programme. Bioactive plant-based ingredients combined with cutting-edge formulation technology ensure lasting, visible effects. Your skin’s energy is restored – however stressful or sleepless your life.
The Volgger Family
Also unique is the atmosphere of our hotel, because at the 4-star-superior Plunhof spa hotel near Sterzing / Vipiteno (Eisack / Isarco Valley) in South Tyrol, you will be immediately accepted as an honorary member of our large family: Eight siblings will all pull together to help ensure that your holidays are an unforgettable experience! Over and above them as a calming influence, there's Mother Paula, the spiritus rector (guiding spirit) of the Hotel Plunhof. This wonderfully intimate and friendly atmosphere is certainly unique for such a modern and comfortable 4-star hotel of this magnitude in Ridnaun / Ridanna – Ratschings / Racines!
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Luxury Spa
Holidays are the time of rest and relaxation, the time of regeneration for body and mind.

With the exclusive spa treatments at the hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol, you can immerse yourself in a world of balance and harmony. Allow yourself the luxury of that extra touch of comfort and happiness that will make your vacation something really special!
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Luxury Spa
Holidays are the time of rest and relaxation, the time of regeneration for body and mind.

With the exclusive spa treatments at the hotel Plunhof in South Tyrol, you can immerse yourself in a world of balance and harmony. Allow yourself the luxury of that extra touch of comfort and happiness that will make your vacation something really special!
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