Wildlife watching hike

: 06.11.2019

Enjoy the beauty of nature and sharpen your eye for detail on a wildlife watching hike. Wildlife watchers move quietly through the tranquil environment of the picturesque Ridanna valley and learn how to identify and read the tracks of wild animals. 
There are many talents among the members of the large Volgger family, that runs the Plunhof. Erwin, for example, is a passionate hunter. He takes interested guests on a tour through the stomping ground, revealing interesting facts and information about the local fauna and flora and how they are cared for. This has a long tradition attached to it and has been carried out by the hunting community in the traditional way since the 19th century. To ensure the continued existence of local wild animals steps are taken such as avoiding the proliferation of certain animals, preventing the spread of epidemics, and lastly, maintaining the tree population. Finally, a whole hunting culture has developed and has become part of traditional life. Hunters also have the possibility to surround themselves with nature and feel really connected to it. Wildlife watching is part of this and, after all, a hunter does not shoot down every animal he catches sight of on the spot. 
During the hike with Erwin, you will learn more details on the subject and watch the wild animals in their natural surroundings, and more specifically how to identify their tracks. With some luck, you may even catch sight of a golden eagle, a chamois or an alpine ibex. 
We wish you an informative and enjoyable day in the great outdoors!
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