The refuge Becherhaus was officially reopened on 16 August 2021. South Tyrol's highest refuge has been renovated in recent months and now "shines" in new splendour. Although the house has already been accessible to hikers again since June, the construction site at almost 3200 metres above sea level is now complete. 

becherhaus-neuThe renovation is part of a larger construction project of the Province of South Tyrol, in which several refuges owned by the Province are being modernised. As the refuge Becherhaus can only be reached on foot or by helicopter, the reconstruction was also a special challenge, which was mastered by local businesses. The outer shell was renovated and the façade made of larch shingles was renewed. In addition, the refuge Becherhaus now bears a new roof and the technical systems as well as the fire protection system were completely renewed. The entire power supply was equipped with LED lighting and a photovoltaic system including battery storage, plus a thermohydraulic system and a modern fire extinguishing system. In addition, a water treatment system for glacier water and a waste water disposal system were installed.The enlarged lounge on the east side and a larger terrace invite guests to linger.

The refuge Becherhaus is an institution in South Tyrol. It is spectacularly situated on the Becher, a pre-peak of the Wilder Freiger, and offers a truly breathtaking view. Its location in the Stubai Alps, close to the state border with Austria, makes it possible to ascend from the Ridnaun Valley, but also from the Passeier Valley as well as from the Austrian Ötztal Valley and the Stubai Valley. It is the ideal starting point for tours to the Wilder Freiger, the Sonklarspitze, the Botzer, the Wilder Pfaff, the Zuckerhütl, the Schwarzwandspitze and the Hoffmannspitze peaks.

Since its opening in 1894, the refuge Becherhaus has been enlarged and modernised several times. It currently has over 100 sleeping areas (rooms and mattress dormitories) and offers guests warm meals despite its exposed location. The refuge is managed in the summer months, and a winter room is available in the cold season. 

We wish the tenants, the Lantschner family, happy work in the newly renovated refuge and all guests unforgettable days full of experiences and "Berg Heil", as we say in South Tyrol!