Dear Guests, 

We hope that you are enjoying a peaceful Easter Week. 

In South Tyrol, Easter is a family holiday that is joyful because it marks the end of Lent and the start of spring. Houses are traditionally decorated with floral motifs in different colours and hard-boiled eggs are painted.

ostern-2021-11-it-engOn the day before Easter, hampers of food for Easter Sunday are blessed: there must of course be ham, eggs, cold meats and horse radish. On Saturday, the traditional Easter bonfires are lit to remember the Resurrection: this is an old tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation and is particularly popular with young people. 

Just like last year, we won’t be able to congregate to celebrate Easter this year either. This does not however mean that we have to do without colour and a little cheerfulness. The children will enjoy looking for Easter eggs and we shall enjoy the goodies in our Easter hamper, but with a smaller group of people. 

We shall try keep our spirits up with the smiling eggs. And hope that they can also help you think of something!

We wish you a truly Happy Easter. 

The Volgger family.  

Plunhof will open again on 13 May. We can’t wait to welcome you.