The Ridanna Valley is slowly waking up from after its long winter sleep, and this spring, our life has of course been unusually quiet. Mother Nature, at least, is pleased about the unexpected rest bestowed on her by the corona virus. If we are to believe recent studies, the air quality has also significantly improved by the safety measures imposed. 

Now, not only can we breathe in the fresh air but the overall situation also gives us a reason to be optimistic. Thankfully, the number of people infected has now stabilised, which means that South Tyrol can gradually loosen the rules brought about by the corona virus. Among other things, this means more sports and leisure opportunities once more as well as the opening of restaurants, cafeterias and ice cream parlours.  Hotels, cable cars and open-air pools will also soon be able to re-open for business. To ensure this, it is naturally essential to comply with the required safety measures, such as avoiding large gatherings, following hygiene measures and wearing protective masks etc. 

In this way, our region should gradually come back to life.
We are really looking forward to it and are confident that we can find the best way to return to normality that also offers maximum safety for all. 
In the meantime, we will enjoy the magnificent panorama of the surrounding pastures and mountain peaks, in the hope that we will soon be able to share it with our guests and Plunhof friends. You are all part of our large Plunhof family! We cannot be hosts without you and you fill our Plunhof with life. So from the bottom of our heart, what we really look forward to is being able to meet you all again and in good health at our Plunhof hotel and spa. We simply long to be together, to listen to your stories and tell you our own. What really brings people together is in fact connecting with each other, with open arms and an open heart!

We send you a message of hope and positivity and look forward to seeing you again in the very near future!

Yours, the Plunhof Family