There is one topic in 2020 that concerns the whole world: Coronavirus. It is keeping us all on tenterhooks because also Italy has been badly hit. After South Tyrol was declared a risk area, the tourism industry decided to end the winter season early. In the meantime, the government has decreed extensive measures for the whole of Italy in order to delay the spread and maintain healthcare capacities. 

Companies, universities, schools, nursery schools and shops are currently closed and people have to stay at home. Although the onset of the Coronavirus had been known for some time, we were still surprised by these events and suddenly torn away from our everyday life. Many guests who were still in Italy had to depart early, while others had to postpone or cancel their stay. 
The Ridanna Valley now appears to have fallen into deep slumber. Also at the Plunhof, it has become quiet ahead of schedule. In spite of the general concern, there is a sober mood. Thanks to the great commitment and readiness of our medical staff, our local suppliers and task forces, everything is very orderly and the population is very disciplined about abiding by the directives issued by the government. This gives us hope that the measures will soon show their effects and the situation will get back to normal. 

Our patience is really being put to the test but we are using the time as well as we can to tackle some jobs and repairs, and to strengthen and support one another. 

Nevertheless, we would like to thank our guests for a wonderful winter season! A big thank you also goes to everyone on our team, who have yet again proved their worth.
We hope you are all well. Look after yourselves so that we can soon meet again!

Yours, the Volgger family