The ascent: approx. 3.5 hours
The descent: approx. 2.5 – 3 hours 

When the autumn covers the landscape with its golden hues, the ideal time has arrived for hiking. One superb tour leads up to the Mareiter Stein at a height a.s.l. of 2,192 m.  
The hike starts at Pratone (Pardaun) along a wide path (no. 25) around the edge of the forest that gradually becomes narrower and steeper. Another route starts off in Gasse along path no. 24, which then joins path no. 25. 
On the other side of the forest, the trees give way to a stunning panorama. The route to the summit then continues across the mountain ridges, covered in soft grass, overlooking the valley of Ridanna (Ridnaun) on one side and the valley of Racines (Ratschings) on the other. The view from the summit is superb, in particular the view of the high mountain peaks and icy glaciers of the Stubai Alps, such as the Wilder Freiger or the Wilder Pfaff, as well as the view towards the Zillertal and Sarntal Alps. 
The Mareiter Stein is also a rewarding destination for ski tours in winter. In safe weather conditions, very experienced skiers embrace the challenge of the steep north-facing slopes. 

We wish you all an unforgettable hike!