In winter, too, Ridnaun / Ridanna is a hikers' paradise. As a quiet, contemplative – and ultimately, healthier – alternative to alpine skiing, winter hiking is enjoying increasing popularity. The hustle and bustle of the slopes are not necessarily everyone's "cup of tea." Those seeking peace, spiritual and mental, and intimacy with nature, will find themselves better served on a winter hike. The gentle physical exertion while traversing the stunningly beautiful snow-covered slopes – far from the frenzied activity of the skiers and snowboarders – awakens a sense for the essential. One can become one with nature, one with himself. In the pure, clear mountain air, you can feel yourself becoming more grounded, more centered. It's so wonderfully easy to thus escape the stress of everyday life and to rediscover yourself.


Winter hiking does not require any elaborate or expensive equipment, only low temperatures and the mountains, of course. And you'll need the appropriate clothing and winter footwear. Naturally, walking sticks are also an advantage.
In Ridnaun / Ridanna, nature enthusiasts will encounter a plethora of hiking opportunities. Thus, right alongside the beautiful cross-country skiing, you'll find a well-groomed winter trail. Winter hiking trails are likewise to be found on many an alpine meadow. Some (such as the way to the Stadlalm) even offer you the option of making your return downhill trip via toboggan. This hosted alpine hut can be reached from Maiern / Masseria in about 1 hour of walking time. After a hearty snack, you can then board the sled and race in brisk ride down the valley.
From Ratschings / Racines, trails lead, e.g., to the Wumbls Alm (not hosted in the wintertime) and from the mountain station of the new 8-person gondola to the Kalcheralm at the Jaufen Pass. You can also undertake a refreshing hike to the Telfer Almen in the Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley.
And if you want to venture even deeper into the pristine winter landscape, then you might consider embarking on a snowshoe hike!

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32   Cross-Country Skiing Map of the Ridnaunt/Ridanna Valley for Downloading