Explore the wintry mountain landscapes! Refresh yourself and enjoy new vitality off the beaten track of the Alpine Ski Circuses! Experience the immediate beauty of nature: These are all aspects of the charm of snowshoeing!

Snowshoe hiking is an unforgettable experience in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. The direct encounter with nature benefits body and mind, and it's an ideal remedy for the stress and noise of the outside world. Furthermore, snowshoeing is easy to do. It requires no special techniques, and the equipment is very simple. This new trend sport is also one of the oldest techniques of traveling through snow-filled landscapes. Snowshoes were already in use in ancient times, and the North American Indians and the Inuit are generally recognized as having invented them. Today's snowshoes look no different in principle from those worn hundreds of years ago. Only the materials are different, and now come from high-tech labs. They are thus extremely light and strong.

With these modern, ultra-light snowshoes, it's a pure pleasure to glide through the glittering winter landscape. Far away from groomed trails or prepared slopes, you can get back to Mother Nature, immersed in the incredible silence of the white mountains, breathing in the pure, clear mountain air, and experience the magic of snow-covered forests and pristine alpine meadows. With snowshoes, you're able to enter into areas that are normally inaccessible at this time of year for hikers, but also for Nordic and cross-country skiers. Yes, on certain terrains, snowshoe hikes have an advantage even over ski touring: Since the snowshoes are much shorter than touring skis, you can make lots of headway even in dense winter woods.


The landscape around Ridnaun / Ridanna and Ratschings / Racines is ideal for snowshoeing. The varied terrain of the Stubai Alps and Sarn / Sarentino Valley Alps allows you to plan a variety of tours for all levels of skill and fitness. For less-experienced snowshoe hikers, it is advisable to take one of the many guided tours, such as those offered on the different pastures and mountain meadows. Here you can familiarize yourself with the specifics of the sport under the supervision of professional instructors, but also become acquainted with the risks associated with travel in snowy terrain.

Discover the enchanting beauty of nature and the wonderful silence of the winter wonderland! Anyone who has experienced the fascination of snowshoeing will never forget it!