South Tyrol is a paradise for fishermen and anglers. In the lakes and streams of the Eisack / Isarco Valley and its side valleys, there are about 30 different species of fish: grayling, trout and char of various kinds, barbel, perch, whitefish, tench, pike, and carp. The various types of water – from the Romantic whitewater rapids to idyllic ponds and reservoirs – the high water quality and environmentally friendly protection periods are all responsible for the great diversity of species.

In this landscape with a variety of shorelines with lots of boulders, uprooted trees, large and small waterfalls, and lush vegetation, every fisherman is sure to find his favorite place. In spite of this, South Tyrol is still a secret – a place where you can relax and enjoy the sport of fishing in peace.

Erwin, our experienced fisherman and hunter, is happy to go fishing with the guests, on request. He's acquainted with the best spots in the vicinity of Ridnaun / Ridanna along the Eisack / Isarco and at the reservoirs near Franzensfeste / Fortezza and in the Pfitsch / Vizze Valley. Fishing is possible here until the end of September.

The prerequisite for fishing is a fishing license (guest license) and a day permit. Of course, we're happy to arrange for the day permit for our guests, on request.

By the way, Erwin is also a hunter, and he can lead our guests to view the wildlife during our Autumn Adventure Weeks!