Ridnaun is known above all for its spontaneous natural beauty and the picturesque valley is surrounded by a stunning mountain landscape. Cycling tours, hikes and walks let one breathe in and refresh the soul. Besides magnificent natural monuments such as the Gilfenklamm gorge or the Aglsfällen waterfall, there are also some biotopes that silently bear witness to the intact nature. These are areas with special vegetation that in turn forms an important livelihood for many animal species. You might come cross one or more of these places on an excursion.

Entholzmoos biotope

To the north west of the small hamlet of Entholz is a well-preserved moorland, surrounded by a forest with spruce and larch trees. Typical plant species are found there, such as moor grass, marsh violets, orchids and a thick blanket of peat moss. The moor offers a habitat for very rare forms of wildlife and also acts as a water reserve. The depth of the peat is a staggering 6.2 metres.

Außerwumblsmoos biotope

The Außerwumblsmoos is the largest biotope in the Racines alpine pasture. It is a damp biotope with three main moorland areas, the Klingermoos, the Wildenmoos and the Außerwumblsmoos itself, situated between the forest and the pasture. In addition to characteristic plants such as cotton grass, deer grass etc., open waterholes can be found here. In the woodland area there are also deer "mud puddles": muddy depressions in which the wild deer like to lie in hot weather, not only to cool down but also to rid themselves of any parasites on their skin.

Angererau biotope

Just outside the village of Mareit along the Ridnaun stream, there is a small alluvial forest through which the small "Schlossbach" flows: a small brook with numerous bifurcations and small pools.  Its banks are dotted with alder trees.

Schönau biotope

This is a small alluvial forest along the Mareit brook between Stange and Gasteig. There is an extensive population of alder trees and certain orchid species also thrive here. The edge of the forest in particular has many different plant species.

Enjoy relaxing excursions in these natural surroundings!