This pleasant walk leads along a peaceful path. In the silence of nature, we can take in the surroundings with all our senses and also listen to our inner self.

During the walk, we relax and slow down. In the silence of the forest, we free our senses. We perceive the elements,  water, earth and air with a new awareness. We do effective exercises to breathe in healthy, fresh mountain air and get rid of stress. "Kneipp therapy" exercises in the mountain stream awaken our vital energy and strengthen our immune system. There is a wealth of opportunities along the way to learn interesting facts about wild herbs that are native to the area and how they can be used. At midday, we stop for a bite to eat in the rustic Tötschhof, a 400 years old farm house, which is lovingly and skilfully run by Paula Volgger. We take the time to really enjoy the time there and relax. Be sure not to miss our walk for health, which takes place once a week with our Kneipp health and relaxation trainer. 

Duration: approx. 4.5 hours 
Please ask our reception staff for details