Authentic South Tyrolean rituals at the Spa Minera

Silver quartzite from the Pfitsch Valley defines authentic rituals at Spa Minera.

‘In this advanced world, we are driven by stress and the pressure to succeed yet find ourselves searching for pockets of calm, places to envelop us and help us feel that we are an important part of the whole. This wellness ceremony is guided by natural resources. We draw our energy from the treasures that surround us and harness nature’s hidden magic to provide you with an experience that is unique in the world.’ 


Natural beauty products – innovative and Alpine; unmistakably South Tyrolean
Silver quartzite combined with selected herbs, resins and flowers from the Ahrntal Valley makes a new dream team for wellness in South Tyrol – and for the eight siblings and Mum Paula who run the exceptional Hotel Plunhof. Two visionary, wellness-savvy South Tyrolean women came up with a natural beauty and wellness revolution: the silver quartzite stone massage, a brand-new feel-good treatment. The healing effect of this authentic massage is complex as well as positive, with reviews ranging from ‘extremely relaxing’ to ‘highly energising’.

Silver quartzite – breathtakingly therapeutic
Silver quartzite is classified as therapeutic thanks to its high silica content and, unusually for Alpine rock, it also contains a very high proportion of rare gemstone crystals such as tourmaline and zirconium. This valuable stone is only mined in the Pfitsch Valley Hohe Tauern window – and absolutely nowhere else in the world! Due to its antibacterial and heat-retaining properties as well as low water absorption, resistance to acids and high slip resistance, this stone has in the past mainly been used in spa interiors.  


Inventor of a new natural beauty product revolution
The entrepreneur Conny Schwitzer lives in close proximity to the silver quartzite quarry in the Pfitsch Valley. Over the years, she came to suspect that the rock had hidden talents. After some investigations, she came up with the idea of making it the central component of an innovative massage treatment. Natural beauty product experts, test laboratories and other major partners helped her make her dream of this amazing healing treatment come true.

Silver quartzite stone massage: natural beauty and wellness for all the senses
Alpine folk medicine, South Tyrolean herbs and tree oils join the healing stone in an exceptional combination. Mystical, primal music adds to the massage, transforming it into a deeply relaxing ritual. This natural massage ceremony appeals to all the senses with unsurpassed elements: silver quartzite, South Tyrolean herbs and oils, tree resin, a blanket made of organic sheep's wool and primordial music. A deeply effective massage ritual for body, mind and spirit.


The power to turn your life around
The silver quartzite treatments now offered at the Plunhof’s Spa Minera have of course been tested, and every testimonial has been positive. Martina Blotzki, HR development officer at Deutsche Lufthansa was plagued by burn-out. She describes the natural massage as an ‘extraordinary treatment’ that ‘provided a turning point when my life was in crisis… ever since then, I have been able to keep energy in reserve. There is still a long and challenging journey ahead of me, but I have regained confidence thanks to this massage and know that help is always close at hand as I don’t have to go all the way to India for Ayurvedic treatments – instead I just go to South Tyrol and its rock’.

Who is the treatment suitable for?
Ideal for anyone who feels like they have come to an obstruction in their lives and are seeking change, this treatment recharges your batteries, helps you let go of unhelpful baggage and restores ease.


What happens during a silver quartzite ritual?
The ritual begins with a smudging during which Alpine tree resins are burnt to produce smoke with a deeply relaxing effect. Distinctive chants support the body in letting go as warm mountain juniper oil is gently massaged into the back of your body. Heated silver quartzite stones are then stroked along the energy pathways providing healing stimuli. A detoxing naturopathic balm made with larch and white silver quartzite crystals is subsequently spread onto your shins and, to finish, a lavender oil upper body massage delivers the strength you need to deal with the future. Wild herb flower essences are applied onto four of the seven ‘seals of the alchemists’ – vital energy centres. At the end of the ritual, we serve you a detoxifying silver quartzite tea.

What’s so special about this treatment?
The techniques applied during the silver quartzite massage boost your quintessence – or life energy – by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and bringing relief to the autonomic nervous system. You are the focus of meditation by the therapist treating you – this has a liberating effect on the body, mind and spirit. How will you feel after the ritual? Very tired at first, but deeply relaxed. After a while, you will find that you’re full of energy and zest.
Tip: All silver quartzite treatments begin with a soothing smudging of herbs!


Silver quartzite stone massage
A highly effective ritual accompanied by music and smudging. The meridian massage combines the power of silver quartzite with healing herbs and warming oils. This full-body treatment boosts strength, deacidifies the body, loosens tension and knots, and results in a general feeling of release. Employing all the senses, the treatment offers a sense of ease and groundedness.


Silver quartzite back treatment
This silver quartzite back massage releases deep muscular and internal tensions, restoring strength and vigour. The treatment is ideal if you feel like you have come to an obstruction in your life and seek change. Restore lightness to your life.


Silver quartzite purification ritual
In this ritual, the therapist meditates as they treat your body… deep relaxation and a highly detoxifying full-body treatment with a holistic effect and naturopathic approach. The silver quartzite ritual activates the parasympathetic nervous system and relieves the vegetative nervous system.


Mineral detox treatment
This soothing massage ritual focuses on the proven deacidifying effect of the silica-rich quartzite from the Pfitsch valley. Muscles and connective tissue are freed of acids through the skin while the body is remineralised and refreshed. Elements including smudging with natural smoke and hot cushions of wild herbs placed on liver and kidneys activate the inner alchemist. Afterwards, you will enjoy renewed life energy.