New poolscape at the wellness hotel in South Tyrol

Immerse yourself in our new Acqua Minera

Water: probably the most powerful – and precious – of the elements. Here in the South Tyrolean mountains, we feel a deep bond between us and the pure, mineral-rich water that gushes down from the mountain. We are delighted therefore to welcome you to our new Acqua Minera poolscape in South Tyrol this winter!

The mountain spring water in our region has healing and balancing properties that soothe skin, energy and spirit. In recent months we have been directing a great deal of activity and focus on this precious element within the context of the Spa Minera at our 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof. The result is a new universe of water: Acqua Minera. This source of relaxation, regeneration and refreshment provides the perfect complement to our Spa Minera. Immerse yourself in our new indoor relaxation pool. Or try the new lap pool – a wellspring of energy and perfect for your cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening workouts.


The power of nature – wellness and water in South Tyrol

Float from the indoor relaxation pool straight to the outdoor poolscape. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy practising your backstroke, front crawl and butterfly in the new outdoor pool... alternatively, just let yourself drift in the warm water of the 17m, year-round-heated pool that offers such stunning mountain views. Unwind as you enjoy the effervescence of the outdoor whirlpool – a source of relaxation throughout the year. The two pools are embedded within an expansive natural pool where the full power of the Alps comes into play; unfolding in the water and on the surface, penetrating deep into skin and spirit, combining the purity of winter with the healing warmth of the water – as energising as it is calming. In the summer, relaxation areas in and around the natural pool allow us to look inwards... and outwards: to the natural world in all its awesome uniqueness.

‘Water is the first principle of everything. Everything is made of water, and everything returns to water.’ Thales of Miletus


Acqua Minera – source of wellbeing

The new poolscape at the Plunhof spa hotel in South Tyrol
   • 20m indoor pool
   • Indoor relaxation pool with link to outdoor pool
   • Year-round heated 17m outdoor pool
   • Outdoor Jacuzzi
   • 173sqm natural pool with water loungers