Spa opening of the year at the 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof

Welcome to the Plunhof's Spa Minera and Acqua Minera

Water. This symbol of life is a continual source of energy at the 4-star superior spa hotel in South Tyrol. Energising and effective, water comes down from our mountains and is at the centre of our new Acqua Minera poolscape. We have also created new relaxation areas as well as meditation and Yoga facilities at the Plunhof – and developed a unique range of signature treatments based on the power of the mountains and the natural world that surrounds us.

Our new poolscape – jewel in the spa’s crown

Back to the elements – where once miners toiled we now let go and relax, benefitting from the mineral-rich rock, fresh spring water and healing plants of the Alps. In appreciation of our roots here at the Plunhof, we give thanks to the natural world and our ancestors’ wisdom – revived to help us meet your needs. This is how Spa Minera has grown – drop by drop it now covers 4,000 soothing square metres. Spa Minera – where wellness resides above and below the surface – is now complemented by a wonderful new poolscape. Acqua Minera is well worth celebrating with the spa opening of the year, right here at the spa hotel in South Tyrol on 21 December 2018. Influenced by the spirit of Alpine mining, Acqua Minera is an indoor and outdoor sanctuary, a source of relaxation, regeneration and refreshment with pools, a whirlpool and a very special natural pool.


The water element has harmoniously combined with the air element in the outdoor havens of restfulness around the new natural pool, on the sunny roof terrace with its breathtaking views, and on the energising Yoga and meditation terrace. For active relaxation and grounding, we have created a new Yoga and meditation room. The power of the fire element unfolds in the new panoramic gym while the relaxation gallery, library and fireplace are dedicated to tranquillity and the path to the inner centre.

Products with natural and active ingredients: anti-ageing and skin regeneration with the power of the Alps

The natural Alpine energy that suffuses our new treatments heals, relaxes and energises. Products containing natural and active ingredients combine precious mineral and floral elements. Treatments are tailored to you, focusing on anti-ageing, energising and restoring vitality to skin, muscles and joints. Alpine rituals bring equilibrium to body and soul with all the power of the mountains. Our specially created signature treatments comprise the region’s natural treasures to bring about wellbeing and a welcome change of pace.

Feel the pure power of the Alps in the new Spa Minera and Acqua Minera at the 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof in the South Tyrolean Val Ridanna. It’s the spa opening of the year – and it’s happening on 21 December 2018!


Overview of new Acqua Minera and Spa Minera extension

Source of wellbeing
   • 20-metre indoor pool
   • Indoor relaxation pool with link to outdoor pool
   • Year-round heated 17m outdoor pool
   • Outdoor Jacuzzi
   • 173sqm natural pool with water loungers

A breath of fresh air
   • Spacious relaxation area around the natural pool
   • Panoramic roof terrace – harmony and balance defined by wood and plant life
   • Relaxation roof terrace – breathe easy in a green oasis
   • Yoga and meditation roof terrace with inspiring vistas

Grounding and peace
   • Relaxation gallery with double loungers, library and fireplace
   • Panoramic relaxation room

The energy of fire and path to the centre
   • Panoramic gym
   • Panoramic Yoga and meditation room

Elemental power
   • Powerful purity in natural products
   • Anti-ageing with high-tech active ingredients
   • Minera signature treatments – harnessing the power of the Alps
   • Alpine rituals for body and soul