Spa Minera – La Spa of the subterranean world is to be enlarged

Spa Minera in Val Ridanna doesn't rest on its laurels: the Volgger family still has many projects on their back-burner, and is currently adding more fascinating features to their already inimitable Spa Minera, with the aim of making sure that their guests at the Plunhof find their stay even more relaxing. The innovations will be introduced during the Summer 2018, and the new attractions will be open to the public as from the 2018 Winter season. We interviewed the family to ask about the surprises that await us.

Water will clearly be the leading player at the new Spa Minera. What new features can guests expect from December of this year?

Volgger family: As from next year, our guests will be able to immerse themselves in a new, multiform liquid world consisting of a 20-metre indoor swimming pool and a splendid, restful "relaxpool";  outside, in the invigorating cold mountain air, guests can enjoy a still-water pool, a natural lake and a whirlpool. Yet another new feature: from December of this year, the outside whirlpool marina will be reserved for naturists.


While we are talking about outdoor activities, we have heard that in the new Spa Minera, guests will be able to relax in the stimulating mountain air of the valley.

Volgger family: Yes, the highlights of our spectacular panorama  will be the rooftop terrace and the attractive area surrounding the natural lake, with many comfortable deckchairs and a splendid panoramic view of the mountains behind the Santa Maddalena Chapel. Here, our guests can re-charge their batteries while they bask in the natural peace and tranquillity of the Alps.


And this energy can be increased even further using the new fitness methods...

Volgger family: Our new panoramic fitness room will give guests the impression of being outdoors while relaxing comfortably inside. And to maintain our guests' mental equilibrium, they will be able to use our new Yoga and Meditation centre with its ample windows.

New glazed walls opening onto Mother nature in the Spa Minera...

Volgger family: Nature and culture in our region have always been central to our work at the Plunhof: from the materials selected for the furniture, to the architecture and the various health treatments – and, of course, the delicious food. By giving our guests a panoramic view of the landscape, we bring them even closer to nature and at the same time broaden the horizons of our being.

Apart from the splendid new views offered by the Spa, have you introduced any new treatments?

Volgger family: Certainly, we have introduced not only these new attractive features but also a range of new treatments, designed to help our guests live and absorb the energy of nature in the Alps even more fully.


NEW FEATURES at Spa Minera

  • The world of water
    • 20 metre swimming pool
    • Relaxpool
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Natural lake
  • New outdoor features
    • Roof terrace
    • Extensive recreation area
  • Fitness – Yoga – Meditation
    • Panoramic fitness room
    • Panoramic Yoga & Meditation Centre
  • Spa & Relax
    • Rest area on the third floor
    • Spacious changing rooms