For many years, Franz Posch has presented the popular music programme 'Mei liabste Weis'. Traditional 'Gasthäuser' or inns offer a rustic, cosy setting for music groups and the public watching, with folk musicians who perform live and without playback. In addition to music, the programme will also show 'Mei liabste Speis'.

On 21st May there will be the 150th edition of this popular programme that has been broadcast since 1988. The setting is offered by the 'Pfitscher Stadl' in Ridnaun, from where 'Mei liabste Weis' will be broadcast during prime time television on ORF 2.
'Mei liabste Speis' will be prepared by Paula Volgger. She is the owner and manager of the Plunhof Hotel that she runs together with her eight children! In the historic kitchen of the 'Tötschhof', she will be preparing a platter with three specialities from South Tyrol: Schlutzkrapfen, Schüttelbrotnudeln and Schüttelbrotknödeln.
The Tötschhof restaurant was purchased and refurbished several years ago. This former stable building is perfect for celebrations and concerts. The heart of the building is the 'Kuchl', the historic kitchen where Paula Volgger herself often cooks over the open fire. She naturally adapts the traditional dishes to modern cooking techniques, thus creating true culinary delights.
The popular musicians offering a feast for the ears on 21st May will include:

Gasser Gitschn

The singing duo made up of sisters Anna Katharina and Marion Gasser is already much appreciated, in spite of their young age.

Pflerer Gitschn

Johanna Mader, Ingrid Marginter, Michaela Sparber and Natalie Ploner offer real folk music with two accordions, violins, guitar and double bass.

The 6 Kraxn

This group from Castelrotto plays typical ballroom dance music that often has no particular name, referred to as 'Auswendigen', or pieces that are known to all and by heart. The instruments played are the clarinet, the flugelhorn, trombone, Styrian harmonica and the tuba.


Florin and Michaela Pallhuber, Markus Hochkofler and Hannes Premstaller take their zither, harp, dulcimer, accordion and bass clarinet to produce the most unusual sounds.

We wish all spectators, particularly those present at the performance, a truly fantastic evening and much success to the performers themselves!