Biathlon is a superbly exciting variant of cross-country skiing in which you have to ski and stop off at certain points to shoot with an air rifle. If you miss the targets you have to ski penalty loops. This makes the sport a great combination of endurance and agility. 
The biggest challenge in Biathlon is managing to keep a steady hand for shooting between one lap and the next, and building up reserves for potential penalty loops. That applies particularly to professional athletes. For amateurs and beginners it is firstly a matter of passing the shooting rounds. 
Every week, our hiking guide Wendl walks with our guests to the Biathlon stadium in Maiern for a shooting session. At the Ridanna cross-country skiing school, the staff is always pleased to give our guests advice and assistance. Equipment can also be rented there.
Please register at the reception by 8:00 p.m. on the previous day. 
Rates: 2 series 8 Euros – 3 Euros for each additional series
We wish you all a lot of fun!