South Tyrol is a region in which the Alpine and Mediterranean cultures and lifestyles meet. This is also noticeable in the way food is presented, and especially in its taste.
Local recipes that are just as popular as ever include Tirteln [deep-fried pastries], Krapfen [doughnuts] and Knödel [dumplings], Schweinsbraten [roast pork], mutton, dishes with mushrooms and game to name just a few. The traditional ingredients used include cereals such as rye, wheat, polenta, spelt, barley and oats, as well as local vegetables such as cabbage, turnips, carrots, potatoes, green beans etc. The extensive livestock farming in the region has provided milk and dairy products, meat, lard, speck etc. since ancient times. The larger selection of food available today and the fusion with Italian cuisine offer countless opportunities for new culinary interpretations and creations. 
A feast for the tastebuds!

On an autumn cooking course with our chef de cuisine, Egon, he will reveal you a cooking secret or two plus tips and tricks on how to give the final touch to your dishes. 
Cooking is an experience to be shared and offers the chance of exchanging views beyond frizzling and roasting. It is no coincidence that the kitchen is the heart in many homes. 
In the buffet area of our hotel, interested guests will conjure up superb dishes themselves before sitting down to taste them. 

We wish all participants great success and a lot of fun!