E-bikes have become extremely popular in recent times. Many people appreciate the comfortable mobility and incomparably large distance they can cover. 
Although opinions often differ with regard to what is environmentally friendly and safe, e-bikes have been present on roads and cycle paths for a long time already. E-bikes not only offer a high level of comfort but are also relatively fast and heavy. Once you get used to handling them, however, the e-bike offers many advantages, especially on difficult terrain or in the presence of a strong headwind. They offer everyone the chance to complete longer or more difficult cycle tours and reach worthwhile destinations. In addition, e-bikes offer families or groups with different conditions the possibility of doing interesting tours together, because even the less well trained in a group can easily keep up with the rest. Due to the possibility of using the electric motor only when needed, and more specifically of dosing the power, the sporty character of cycling is not neglected. 
The Ridanna Valley offers a host of cycle tours that are truly worthwhile and perfect for e-bike excursions. How about a trip to the Kerschbaumer or Joggile Alpine pastures, for example, or the panoramic tour of Racines? 
At our hotel, we have an e-bike hire service plus free guided tours. These take place every Wednesday: please contact our reception team if you are interested. If you would prefer to bring your own e-bike, you are free to use our charging station. 
Have fun on your e-bike tours!