The best Alpine beauty rituals at the Plunhof in Ridnaun

Wrap up with the Ulten sheep’s wool treatment; follow the silver quartzite trail from the primordial Tethys Sea; enjoy Alpine herbal baths, hay wraps on the soft-pack bed and the soothing effect of rock salt crystals. Winner of HEALTH & SPA AWARDS ‘Best of Italy’ and nominated for the World Luxury Spa Awards 2019, the Plunhof ****S wellness hotel in Ridnaun, South Tyrol remains true to its unique wellness concept with a brand-new spa menu.

Wellness hotel in South Tyrol – brand-new Spa Minera treatment menu
Spa Minera proudly presents: the power of the elements – especially those drawn from rock and soil. With nature’s most precious treasures; innovative formulas born of decades of research; high-tech natural products; certified organic cosmetics; exclusive skin-support solutions; anti-ageing treatments with collagen, pioneering exfoliation technology and energising oxygen. And the key ingredients: hay, mud and seaweed. Not forgetting the skills of our expert therapists!

New spa menu highlights – at your wellness hotel in South Tyrol

Power of stone signature treatment – exclusive to Spa Minera
Rock-solid natural beauty with our power of stone signature treatment: a wrap of sun-dried natural earth and pure flower water that deeply nourishes skin with minerals and trace elements as it eases, cools and relaxes. A boost to the immune system that cleanses the body and, in conjunction with colour energy essential oils, bestows a holistic sense of wellbeing. Afterwards, enjoy a foot massage as well as a neck and head massage to release tension and bring about profound relaxation. The crowning glory? The power of stone, captured in an incomparable massage that balances the body’s energies with the tingling hot and cold effect of locally sourced mica schist. Combined with essential oils, the treatment stimulates the metabolism, relieves stress and boosts vitality as it unifies body, mind and spirit. A beauty and wellbeing ritual for all six of your senses – exclusively developed at the wellness hotel in South Tyrol.

Silver quartzite – the South Tyrolean wellness discovery
Invisible to the human eye, primal forces take the form of vibrations: a universal energy that connects the entire cosmos. Our innovative South Tyrolean primeval stone massage follows this principle and focuses on local silver quartzite – mined in the mountains of the Pfitsch Valley. Thanks to its high silica content, the stone has therapeutic properties that are only just beginning to be fully appreciated. The primordial rock strengthens connective tissue, fortifies bones and deacidifies the body. It also contains rare biotite, muscovite and zircon – precious minerals with proven antibacterial and heat-conducting effects. Silver quartzite has a unique composition and is the first Alpine rock to prove ideal for energetic massage therapy. Experience it for yourself at the wellness hotel in South Tyrol: your 4-star superior Hotel Plunhof.


‘In this advanced world, we are driven by stress and the pressure to succeed yet find ourselves searching for pockets of calm, places to envelop us and help us feel that we are an important part of the whole. 
This wellness ceremony is guided by natural resources. We draw our energy from the treasures that surround us and harness nature’s hidden magic to provide you with an experience that is unique in the world.’

Salt of life at the wellness hotel in South Tyrol – release your energy’s obstructions
A holistic ritual for face and body based on the natural healing power of salt, this signature treatment includes a body scrub, wrap and facial before moving on to the treatment highlight: a rock salt massage that provides a beguiling mix of massage and energy work to profound effect. Real salt crystals tackle energy blockages and nourish the skin with trace elements and minerals. Plus: We will give you the salt stones to take home – for another detoxifying salt bath at your leisure.

Sheep’s wool and Swiss pine for the cosiest wellness weekend
Relax and breathe deeply as you lie on a sheep’s wool blanket and in the finest sheep’s wool wrap. Enjoy an Ulten sheep's wool treatment and benefit from the warmth and lanolin that gently penetrate the deeper layers of skin, bringing about a deep sense of wellbeing. The body is gently massaged with tufts of wool while the smoke from a smudging of Swiss pine and Alpine rose clears the mind and generates deeper relaxation. You are welcome to take the sheep’s wool blanket home afterwards! For even more Swiss pine, try the pine vitality massage. Warm Swiss pine massage rollers glide over the skin bringing inner peace and relaxation as well as improved circulation. This treatment releases tension and blockages, promoting energy flow and activating the body’s self-healing powers. The pine vitality signature treatment also includes a gentle facial massage with Swiss pine pebbles. Experience an incomparably cosy wellness weekend at your wellness hotel in South Tyrol.

Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics – Pure SkinCare Solutions
Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics: skincare systems that guarantee ingredients of the utmost biological purity. Spa Minera at the wellness hotel in South Tyrol offers a range of signature treatments by Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics, including ‘CELLTRESOR’ anti-ageing facial, an exclusive skincare programme with targeted muscle relaxation that smooths the skin deep down and relaxes facial features. The thalasso detox body treatment on the soft-pack bed harnesses the synergy of three different types of seaweed, detoxifies the skin, firms the connective tissue and improves the silhouette. A body scrub to stimulate blood flow is followed by a detoxifying body wrap to firm the tissue. After the treatment, we recommend a leg massage to encourage tissue-fluid elimination. Based on decades of research, Dr. Spiller’s cutting-edge skincare system uses natural ingredients to look after the needs of male skin too, taking into account its specific characteristics and requirements. The result? Innovative and highly effective formulas to naturally improve the appearance of male skin.

!QMS Medicosmetics at the Spa Minera in your wellness hotel in South Tyrol
Award-winning excellence – a highly efficient skincare system and the recipient of many accolades, including the World’s Best Spa Brand in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Developed by Dr Erich Schulte and made in Germany, the !QMS Medicosmetics skincare collection has a huge global fan base. The reason? Powerful anti-ageing products for face and body combine revolutionary techniques with the most precious of ingredients, tailor-made to rejuvenate skin. Enjoy a beauty boost at the Plunhof with 98% pure oxygen concentrate for fresh, radiant and healthy skin.

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