Alto Adige is renowned far beyond its borders for its winegrowing, which has been practised here since Roman times. The Mediterranean climate, which is particularly mild in the Adige valley, encourages ripening of both red and green grapes, while the slightly more severe climate of the Venosta and Isarco valleys is particularly suited to grapes going to produce white wines. Our region is especially proud of its three indigenous grape varieties: Gewürztraminer, Schiava and Lagrein.


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Wine is more than a drink to be enjoyed on its own or to accompany meals.... it is part of our tradition and culture and plays an important role in people’s lives: just think for example of the grape harvest, wine tastings, wine festivals, wine roads, etc. For many, wine is indeed a philosophy in its own right. Producing a high quality wine is however extremely costly and requires a certain sensitivity and experience. We decided to create a very special place, the Bacco wine cellar, where we could store our carefully selected wines in the dark, at a cool and constant temperature in a sufficiently damp environment.

The Bacco winery has been well stocked ever since its inauguration during the 2012 Christmas festive season. Breathe in the culture of Alto Adige wines and let our experts Günter and Erwin guide you through our wine cellar with its natural stone vaulted ceilings. There will of course be the opportunity to decant and taste some of our high quality wines.