Ski touring is certainly one of the most beautiful winter sports. The pleasant physical exercise amidst the great outdoors and the enjoyment of the beautiful, untouched winter landscape far away from the hustle and bustle on the slopes and the partying at the alpine huts is a unique experience. For those who love to ski, but who may wish to escape temporarily from the excitement on the slope and instead seek a more-direct contact with nature, ski touring is the ideal winter sport.
For touring, however, not only good skiing ability and plenty of stamina are necessary. You've also got to have the right equipment and sufficient experience in winter alpine terrain. Without this experience, dangerous situations can easily arise when undertaking a ski tour. For this reason, beginners should therefore go touring only when accompanied by a certified, knowledgeable local guide.


The mountains around Ridnaun / Ridanna are a wonderful touring area. Some of the tours are even true "classics" like the tour to the 2,305-meter high Einacht Summit, at the High Cross Summit (2,742 meters above sea-level) or on the Wild Freiger (3,418 meters above sea-level). But there are many more immensely rewarding tours to be discovered here. As with most ski tours in the southern Stubai Alps, in Ridnaun / Ridanna, too, you'll have to overcome some pretty steep wooded slopes at the beginning before you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of mountain ranges. Nevertheless, the arduous ascent is quickly forgotten in light of the fantastic winter landscape at higher elevations and the pristine white slopes. And once you've arrived at the summit, you'll only want to take in the magnificent view of the Dolomites and then look forward to your downward journey through powder snow...