In recent decades, Ridnaun / Ridanna has evolved from a special secret ski get-away known only to insiders in the cross country scene to become an internationally acclaimed and popular cross-country and biathlon center. Many major events successfully held in Ridnaun / Ridanna have contributed to its sterling reputation – including, most recently in February of 2011, the IBU-U26 European Championships in the biathlon.


Yet Ridnaun / Ridanna is a superb resort area not only on account of such major events. For vacationers, it's much more important that they find excellent conditions and an ideal infrastructure throughout the season. A total of 65 km of cross-country trails serpentine through the beautiful landscape of Ratschings / Racines and Ridnaun / Ridanna, offering a variety of views and experiences – and always well prepared. Sport shops and country schools offer professional service to discerning cross-country ski enthusiasts. Qualified and certified trainers are there to help you acquire basic skiing skills or perfect your technique, and they can also help if any medical care is necessary.

The biathlon one is very popular here, too. In the smart-looking and modern stadium, it's not uncommon to bump into top athletes in training. For beginners and all those interested, there is, of course, always the option of going for a trial run under professional guidance and to "test one's mettle" on the track and at the shooting range.


Ratschings / Racines and Ridnaun / Ridanna score well with regards to guaranteed snow, too: The trails are located at altitudes of 1,000 to1,800 meters above sea-level, so you're assured of natural snow for pure skiing pleasure. Against the imposing backdrop of the three-thousand-meter-high peaks of the Alps, there are routes for all requirements: There are light to moderate well-prepared cross-country routes, including the 12-km-long valley trail through the Ratschings / Racines Valley as well as the 16-km-long panoramic Platschjoch high-altitude trail. The roundtrip Gasteig / Casateia – Stange / Stanga - Mareit / Mareta trail (12 km) is likewise groomed and easy. The Ridnaun / Ridanna Valley circular track in the beautiful and sunny upper section of the valley is 25 kilometers long. In addition to the two classic tracks there is also a skating track. You can undertake 3 to 25-km-long roundtrips and can choose different routes (from "easy" to "difficult"), depending upon your tastes. In addition, the course offers a very selective racing course

Cross-country skiing is a healthy, natural, and environmentally friendly alternative to mass tourism in alpine skiing, with all its hustle and bustle. What's more, it is becoming more and more fashionable. With cross-country skiing, the risk of injury far lower than in traditional downhill skiing, and the whole body is more uniformly stressed while being given a real work-out. In addition to the professional race, Ridnaun / Ridanna therefore also organizes every year the "Jäger" biathlon and the big popular cross-country race for a wide field of competitors.

Come to Ratschings / Racines and Ridnaun / Ridanna and discover a true cross-country paradise where you can enjoy our beautiful mountain scenery and their wintertime splendor up close!


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