The farm known as the Tötschhof was probably built in the 16th century and subsequently rebuilt. The old walls, the creaking beams and scent of old wood give the impression that time has stood still there

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The property was purchased some years ago and refurbished, allowing Paula Volgger to realise a dream: she carefully tends the sumptuous flower arrangements around the house and lovingly ensures the upkeep of the farm. Here visitors can enjoy a plate of speck and a glass of fine red wine in an informal, welcoming atmosphere. The spacious former stables are nowadays an ideal venue for celebrations and concerts.


Paula’s historic dolls have found a home in three rooms of the Tötschhof: over time she has built up a beautiful and valuable collection that gives a glimpse into the history of toy-making. The heart of the house is however the “Kuchl”, the historic kitchen with its traditional wood-burning stove. Here, in May 2016, Paula Volgger together with Franz Posch presented “Mei liabste Speis” (My favourite food) for the 150th edition of the popular Austrian folk music show “Mei liabste Weis”. She prepared an original South Tyrolean trio of foods with the enthusiastic assistance of the famous TV presenter.
By purchasing and maintaining the farm, the Plunhof family has made a major contribution to the preservation for the future of a part of the ancient rural culture.