According to an old miner's legend, in the Valtigl valley, a little Venetian man (called 'Venedigermandl' in the local dialect) had once built a 'Trögl', or a small trough for panning gold, below the ground. He came every autumn to fetch the gold that had settled in the trough and vanished only a few days later, just as quietly and secretly as he had come. Many have searched for the hidden Trögl, but so far no-one has found it.

There are numerous legends and fables about so-called 'Welsche' or 'Venedigermandln' who came looking for treasures in mine tunnels and caves. In these stories, they are mostly exotic loners who know more about mining that the locals themselves, and who then secretly vanished again with their pockets brimming full of treasures. They are repeatedly associated with the devil or considered masters in the art of magic. These legends may be based on the core truth that in the Middle Ages and in the early modern period, strangers did actually come here and up to Germany from the South to look for rare mineral resources, such as cobalt that was needed in Venice to produce blue glass or for manganese ore, that was also needed to produce glass and ceramics.
Where these 'Venedigermandln' actually came from, precisely what they were looking for and where they disappeared to, will probably remain a mystery.