The Rosskopf is the local mountain of the Sterzing/Vipiteno area and is a popular destination for day trips with holiday-makers and locals alike, for skiing and snow-boarding, tobogganing, hiking and much more. This winter, our guests can look forward to two truly fantastic highlights: The new downhill run and the new hybrid ski lift.
Opened this season, the piste was planned long beforehand and much looked forward to by many. Skiers can now swish down piste that is more than 5 km long an almost reaches the pedestrian zone of Sterzing/Vipiteno.

Then they are taken back to the top with the new modern hybrid ski lift, with 6-seater chairs or cabins with room for 8 people. It replaces the 3-seater chairlift, which has "retired" after 30 years of reliable service.  
But what is so particular about the hybrid lift? Quite simply, it is a clever combination of different passenger cabins or passenger chairs, fitted on the same lift system. Skiers can thus opt for the chair and get back on the slopes immediately when they reach the top, while children, the elderly, hikers, paragliders or anyone feeling tired can ride in the comfort of a cabin, which can naturally take them back down if necessary.
The lift is also very eco-friendly and exceptionally quiet. The cable cars were created by an Italian design studio and offer a magnificent view the whole trip long through the large panoramic windows. The chairs are fitted with hoods that protect guests in high winds and snow.
The mountains await!