Imagine you and your better half in the middle of the beautiful Alps, surrounded by majestic mountains, lush forests, and untouched nature. You are in an environment that combines the beauty of nature with unique luxury - you are in South Tyrol, a must-experience destination in Italy.

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More specifically, you are in the enchanting Val Ridanna, northwest of Vipiteno, nestled in the Italian Stubai Alps. Charming villages, majestic mountain peaks, and breathtaking natural landscapes - the perfect place to explore nature and authenticity on an extensive hike or bike, followed by the soothing warmth of a memorable wellness experience in a spa area. The place to experience your ultimate honeymoon. And one hotel in the Val Ridanna stands out when creating a journey for eternity and spending an unforgettable vacation with your second self after the wedding: Hotel Plunhof, the 4*S spa retreat in Racines. A magical cave sauna, healing silver quartzite cures, relaxing yoga sessions, and much more: Plunhof invites you to leave your everyday life behind and enjoy your solitude of two.

Val Ridanna is the perfect honeymoon destination for those who love, live, and seek nature, landscapes, and luxury yet want to experience some unspoiled nature. Get to know our charming valley and let yourself be enchanted by its magic in 2023.


Honeymoon: Trends in 2023

If we keep track of honeymoon trends in 2023, many married couples are drawn to nature, and to adventure, instead of beach vacations - hardly any place delivers such a dedicated package more than South Tyrol does.

Val Ridanna stands out as a unique destination, especially since it offers everything your married hearts could desire between winter sports, like skiing or cross-country skiing, and summer activities, like outdoor aperitifs or mountain tours. Combined with a regenerative spa and culinary eventful gourmet getaway, it is the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and the ideal alternative to the classics like traveling or sunbathing in the Caribbean, exploring dream islands in the Maldives, a road trip through the USA or safari in Africa.


Val Ridanna is also characterized by its rich history and extensive cultural offerings. The valley was once home to prosperous silver and zinc mines, which are now abandoned but explored by numerous visitors every year. Here you will get to know better the moving history and culture of this corner of the world. It is a unique experience found in this combination in only a few places worldwide.

Last but not least, some of the best hotels in the region are located here. The Plunhof is a true jewel where you can unwind like in no other place. So if you are looking for a honeymoon destination in 2023 that offers a total package of adventure, relaxation, and culture, then the Hotel Plunhof near Racines is your place to be.


The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Therefore, Val Ridanna is the ideal place for newlyweds to enjoy being together, with a full range of adventure, relaxation, culture, and luxury. With this almost unbelievable number of honeymoon options, you can indeed find the right one for you. Call it a honeymoon, a romantic retreat, or a post-nuptial getaway - Val Ridanna is a great choice - here is why:
  • Adventurers: couples who want to explore nature and experience exciting adventures during their honeymoon together will love the Val Ridanna with its hiking trails, bike routes, and ski slopes. There is something for every sports fan.
  • Relaxer: couples who want to soak up the alpine setting in bubbling whirlpools and soul-pampering spa experiences are in the right place.
  • Culture lovers: couples who want to broaden their historical and cultural horizons will not want to leave the Val Ridanna with its abandoned mines and authentic villages paired with top Italian cuisine.


Hotel Plunhof: The Number One Honeymoon Hotel among Honeymoon Hotels

We have found the ideal place for your honeymoon - now, you are probably asking yourself the question: what makes the perfect honeymoon hotel? An excellent hotel should create a romantic atmosphere that will be etched in your memory forever, in addition to all-around luxury.

Using our Plunhof as an example, we'll explain what that might look like: The spa area feeds on mineral spring water directly from the Stubai Alps, which is said to have a healing quality. Romantic memories are created by our blissful candlelight dinner as well as our dynamic outdoor activities. In addition, a picture-perfect honeymoon suite is a must. A comfortable bed, a private terrace or balcony, and a luxurious bathroom - coziness, romance, and views are all part of the honeymoon inventory.


That's why we've been extraordinarily creative with the suites, making them so cozy and inviting that you'll always love coming "home". The rooms are decorated in a traditional style, wood-clad, and furnished with typical furniture. A balcony or terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Italian Stubai Alps and the Val Ridanna. Some suites are even equipped with a traditional stove for those extra special romantic moments.

The whole thing is rounded off by a location with its peculiar charm. The spa area in a natural cave, a wide range of activities, and lovingly furnished suites form a total package of superlatives for your honeymoon. Now it is up to you: let the Val Ridanna and the Plunhof take your breath away.

Book Your Perfect Honeymoon

If we were to plan your perfect honeymoon at Plunhof, we would first need to book one of our honeymoon suites, where you can snuggle up on your own terrace or by your very own farmhouse stove. Then, on the first evening, we would reserve a romantic dinner in one of our private dining rooms, where you can enjoy the union of Austrian and Italian cuisine paired with fine wines. If you are a couple of adventurers, set out on a guided hiking tour through the mountains the following day. If you want to take it easy, a guided wine tasting of international, Italian, and local wines is a great option. Or you can set out on a journey to learn about our culture and history.


In the evening, head to the cave, to our intimate spa area. Here you let go of the everyday life you left behind; gather and pamper yourself and your soul with our mineral spring water before you are invited to another gourmet feast. At Plunhof, we know too well that every couple has different needs. Therefore, creating customized experiences perfectly aligned with your desires and needs is our pleasure. We aim to give you unforgettable, romantic memories and make your honeymoon an experience for the ages.


Honeymoon in South Tyrol: Plan Your Romantic Holiday in Italy

The Plunhof stands out for its uniqueness and location, setting your honeymoon and matrimony in a picturesque environment. The spa area is truly one of a kind, the activities are varied, and the suites are the ideal retreat for married couples.

South Tyrol's majestic mountain landscape, magnificent green forests, and authentic villages are the scenery for a memorable trip. The mix of pure nature and luxury makes the region in Northern Italy an excellent alternative to the classic choices and dream destinations such as Seychelles, Bali, or other islands. So put aside your wedding stress, unleash your soul and enjoy this time with your better half.


What Makes Hotel Plunhof Stand Out as a Honeymoon Hotel

What makes the Plunhof stand out as a honeymoon hotel? Is it the suites, the framework program, the opportunity to enjoy being with each other, and the spa facilities? Well, a little bit of everything; there are many variables. But the most important thing is that the lovers must have the perfect setting to celebrate their love properly. So, let us surprise you, from breakfast to the relaxation lounge in the spa area - the Plunhof offers everything.


Wedding Holiday Offers & Honeymoon Packages

Our team will do everything possible to create a tailor-made package that will meet your needs in all respects. Our claim is nothing less than to provide the perfect planning and service to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience of happiness after saying "I do".

That's why we have prepared special offers, from spa leisure to candlelight dinners to adventure trips. We offer you everything possible in our excellent piece of land and our facilities. So what are you waiting for? Let us make your honeymoon of dreams reality. Book your stay today and experience the world and magic of Val Ridanna and Plunhof for a treasure of memories that will accompany you through your future life as a married couple. Plunhof: a piece of paradise for honeymooners after the wedding.