Cross-country skiing became popular again quite some time ago. Not surprising as it offers the change to exercise in the great outdoors at your own pace, without any noise and stress, guaranteeing a balance of physical, spiritual and mental well-being.
A very special experience for our guests this winter is the cross-country introduction course with Karin Oberhofer. The former professional biathlete has won numerous medals at the Olympic games and the World and European Championships. She will accompany you across the stunning cross-country trail of the Ridanna valley.

Day and time: Tuesdays from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Meeting place: Cross-country skiing cash-desk of Maiern (opposite the bakery) 
Participants can rent the equipment at the special price of 10 Euros. 
Please register at the reception by 7:00 p.m. on Monday.

The tracks are ready groomed and waiting! The ideal terrain is ready and waiting for professionals, amateurs and beginners alike. The trail with guaranteed snow passes through the picturesque Ridanna valley, over all levels of difficulty, for about 20 kilometres. The tracks are set out and groomed for both the classic style and skate skiing. 
In the Racines valley, there are also two cross-country tracks of about 28 kilometres. There is also an easier track in the valley from Bichl to Flading. Those who like to breathe the mountain air will adore the panoramic track Platschjoch in the Racines-Giovo skiing area. The cable car reaches a height of 1,800 a.s.l., where a 16 km-long track awaits with a superb view of the surrounding peaks. Thanks to the height, it is possible to indulge in cross-country skiing until late spring. 
The popularity of cross-country skiing is no coincidence. It maintains endurance and exercises the entire body. It is also easier to learn and safer than alpine skiing or snowboarding. It is best to start off with the classic style on groomed tracks with the diagonal stride. 

We wish you all superb winter days and lots of fun!