You want to enjoy an active vacation, indulge in recreation, and make the most of your precious time. But you are also mindful of the environment. Climate protection and sustainability are important issues to you. Holidays enrich our lives as well as helping us to find balance in our lives and enhance our well-being. However, holiday travel and many leisure-time activities place a burden on the environment, so such concerns are valid. Vacationing in the Alps means spending your holidays in a region with a very sensitive ecology. It is therefore doubly important that you enjoy your holiday here with us with a clear conscience.


South Tyrol has always been a pioneer in the field of environmental protection, promoting alternative and renewable energies and sustainable transport concepts. People here still live in close association with nature and know that respect for the environment is paramount.

Ratschings / Racines is a member of the "Alpine Pearls" association, a collaboration of 24 holiday destinations in the Alps. Alpine Pearls guarantee an environmentally friendly, culturally diverse, and – last but not least – climate-friendly holiday experience. The focus is on Sustainable Mobility: For a change, you can enjoy your vacation (almost) without a car, rely more on public transportation, the bicycle, or our hiking shuttle.

greenAlso, we here at the Plunhof have dedicated ourselves to the issues of environmental friendliness and sustainability. We find that the well-being of individuals cannot be divorced from the welfare of the environment. Therefore, we have already established a number of measures for the careful handling of resources – particularly energy and water. We pay attention to the systematic use of alternative and renewable energy sources, wherever possible, in keeping with a strategy of sustainable energy. Thus, our photovoltaic system covers more than one-eighth of our total electricity consumption per year. At the Plunhof, our heating is supplied by a wood chip installation, while our hot water is derived from solar energy. In addition, each room is equipped with a water conservation regulator and is of course furnished with energy saving lamps. The electricity we have to purchase from outside is generated only from renewable energy sources: So it's ecological, carbon-neutral, and in keeping with the principles of climate protection!

Hotel Plunhof Map of Grounds